The origin of the Tarot is unknown. Some legends say that the cards originated in ancient Egypt derived from mystery religions. The Tarot is also said to embody the esoteric origins of India, Persia, Hebrew Cabalistic and early Christian beliefs. The tarot card symbolism is a key to opening up the psyche to new feelings, ideas, concepts and spiritual opportunities.

The first qualification necessary to become a good reader of the Tarot cards is “the desire to do so.” With study of the individual meanings of the cards and an intuitive linking together of the these we can quickly learn to build up a depth to the overall message. Working with the cards actually develops your psychic, sensitive and spiritual nature. Practice makes perfect.

The Major Arcana

The Tarot consists of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana cards. The major arcana is more concerned with the reasons behind events. It can be described like a man on a journey, he starts on the road as the Fool and encounters all manner of people and events along the way and through these experiences he learns life’s lessons and becomes more enlightened and fulfilled by the time he reaches the 22 card the World. It is a physical as well as a spiritual journey. Wherever the major cards fall there is a stronger influence in that area of the inquirers life, than if it were a minor card. Minor cards represent probable events while the major cards represent the reasons behind the events. The presence of a Major Card will dominate a reading and will carry more weight than  Minor Arcana cards.

The Fool - Number 0
The Fool in Tarot ReadingsNew beginnings. Represents spontaneous action. A time to enjoy the day for what it is. Living in the present moment and feeling connected with life as a result. We cannot change the past and an absolutely certain future eludes us, but we can change the present. What we feel and believe at this moment is something over which we have control. The Fool is the unconscious, a seed that has not yet germinated. He is beginning his path towards enlightenment. This card's presence indicates to the enquirier that it is important to trust his or her own judgment and plan for the future but to do so wisely.  This is not a good time to make binding commitments. A time for living in the moment. Trust, ideals, hope of a bright tomorrow, choice and folly. Trust that life will support you.

 The Magician - Number 1
The Magician in Tarot ReadingsThe time is right to begin new things. Opportunities arise and it is time to initiate action and carry out plans. Success will be achieved through a clear sense of purpose and applying willpower. Be open to new ideas. Choice & action. The Magician represents skill, diplomacy, self-confidence and will and these are traits that the querent needs to draw on in order to be able to achieve his or her goals.  Represents the masculine side. A strong connection to Divine Source.

The High Priestess - Number 2
The High Priestesss in Tarot ReadingsInner wisdom. A time of withdrawal making time for meditation and inner renewal. A time to rest in order to absorb the lessons that life is teaching us. Reflecting on life's problems. Can indicate an intuitive person with heightened psychic powers or a time of psychic and spiritual development. Let your intuition be your guide as from where you are at this time you cannot see the whole picture. There is a focus on waiting, gathering knowledge and balance The High Priestess card represents wisdom, understanding, intuition, mystery, gathering strength and serenity.. Represents the feminine side.


The Empress - Number 3
The Empress in Tarot ReadingsReceiving, abundance and fertility. A period of suspended activity before future successes. Harmony, happiness and stability on the home front. There is a focus on being rather than doing. Becoming more in tune with one's inner feelings and emotions. The Empress represents feelings, emotions, development, creativity, fertility and fruitfulness. A time when you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. Moving closer to a goal. A reminder to get back to nature ie spend time out in the country or near the seashore. Can also represent pregnancy especially if it appears in the same spread with the 3 of Cups, 9 of Pentacles or any of the Pages.


The Emperor - Number 4
The Emperor in Tarot ReadingsRepresents authority, leadership and knowledge. Suggests stability and order. The Emperor also represents strength, power, authority, will, conviction and protection. Indicates that this is a time when new opportunities will present themselves to the querent, and if these opportunities have solid foundations they should bring success. Self discipline and practical efforts brings success.  Reliable and devoted. Represents the father figure. Laying of solid foundations.


The Hierophant - Number 5
The Hierophant in TarotRepresents mystery, psychic awareness, inner wisdom and the spiritual quest. You are looking for answers within and most likely have already started or will be looking to differing philosophies for your answers. The Hierophant is the kind, generous teacher and confidant. He could be a person dealing with the psyche ie a priest, counsellor or even a spiritual guide or maybe just an intuitive friend. Be patient.


The Lovers - Number 6
The Lovers in TarotChoice, harmony and relationships. It can mean just what it looks like ie that love and romance are coming to the inquirer. Depending on where it falls it could be that the relationship is in the future or one which the inquirer is already in will bloom and deepen. On a lesser note this card could mean friendship and harmony. So if it showed up in a question related to career it could suggest that relationships with work colleagues will be happy and productive. If there has been a parting it can indicate that the partners will be reunited. Another aspect of the Lovers card is choice ie choosing between two people, two courses of action, two jobs or two of anything, and that the action of choosing is going to be important in its outcome.


The Chariot - Number 7
The Chariot in TarotA time of major effort and hard work which could be associated with a struggle and accompanied by the view that it will all pay off in the end. Need for hard work, patience and endurance but the outcome will be good. The winged disc symbol of Isis depicts the spirit being able to soar above emotional trials. The ability to keep a clear mind on emotional matters. Possible travel in relation to work. Travel by car. Forge ahead. Don't give up.


Strength - Number 8

Strength in TarotCourage and inner strength and hope. The ability to overcome future obstacles and have the courage and resolution to cope. Strength is also about confronting one's own ego and pride, and having the courage, strength and discipline to do so. Recognising that spiritual help is at hand. A strong spiritual connection to Divine Source.


The Hermit - Number 9
The Hermit in Tarot ReadingsGuidance & wisdom. A time of withdrawal and stillness to meditate and reflect. The Hermits knowledge is of both this world and the next. He is the enlightened teacher who patiently waits for those students who are ready to seek him out. He is the sage to whom others look for advice. He realises that he can never possibly know all there is to know. What he knows is but a drop of water in the vast sea of universal knowledge. It is a time of maturity and sorting out what really matters in your life. Looking to the Light for guidance. He carries the staff of wisdom the knowledge of the lessons that he has mastered.

The Wheel of Fortune - Number 10
The Wheel of Fortune in TarotDefinite change a turning point. The wheel of Fortune is a reminder that nothing and no one stays on top forever. Destiny that is played out in what appears to us as endings and beginnings, as one door closes, another opens. Starting a new cycle of events the unfolding future looks good. Card of success.


Justice - Number 11
Justice in Tarot ReadingsRepresents justice, fairness and balance. Taking responsibility for your life. Your decision will be right. If there are legal matters to be dealt with, on the whole it can be taken to mean that the outcome will be good. A weighing up and cutting away of the things that are no longer relevant in your life. Upright it can suggest success in legal matters.


The Hanged Man - Number 12
The Hanged Man in Tarot ReadingsSuccess with a sacrifice. A suspension of affairs followed by a turning point, however the changes are more likely to be in the mental/spiritual rather than a physical event. A growth in character as a result of dealing with problems. There maybe something very good which results from difficult circumstances. Try to rise above the problems and look at them from another angle. No use struggling, be still, this is only a temporary situation, so you may as well use the time wisely. This card can sometimes frighten people, but put simply it shows the need to adapt to changes in order to find inner peace.

Death - Number 13
The Death Card in TarotSurrender to change and allow it to take place. A situation is coming to an end which will clear the way for a fresh start.  It suggests that the events which cause the changes are not going to be pleasant to begin with, there may be the loss of a friendship or a relationship; or there may be financial losses. The changes may be hard to cope with but in the long run will clear away a certain amount of rubbish from the past and leave the inquirer free to make a new start. There is always a chance to make good.  Death can symbolize a new life, like marriage or birth. Women and men can sometimes be depressed after the birth of a child, as they realise that they have to let go of a phase of their life forever. This card can have a frightening effect when it appears in a reading, but it should not be seen as an actual death but as the death of a situation, sudden change or the resolution of problems.


Temperance - Number 14
Temperance in Tarot Readings Archangel GabrielPatience, self control and calm. Foretells peace & harmony. If you have been going through rocky times of late, you will soon be feeling calmer and coping better. Harmony in all aspects of life. Don't overdo things. Concentrate on the basics at work and play, do things in moderation. Put your feet up and have a rest. Ability to combine spiritual knowledge and understanding to temper behaviour. Renewal of a relationship. Can signify travel, learning or teaching.


The Devil - Number 15
Death Care in Tarot ReadingsEntangled in obligations to other people and by your own beliefs and thoughts. Feeling a need to control life, limited view, feeling stuck or powerless over life. If things are not falling into place, then we should look within for the answer. Be careful of any physical excesses of any kind, excessive materialism and overindulgence. More money may be at your disposal and you must be careful how this is being used. If any business partnerships are made think carefully before making a decision, as this partnership could be very restrictive.  When we live in the present moment we are able to move ahead. When we stop recreating the past with our actions and thoughts, we set ourselves free.  Look within for the answers. Change your thoughts and everything changes around you. 

The Tower - Number 16

The Tower in Tarot ReadingsBreakdown and awakening. Total change signalled by the end of previous patterns leading to new beginnings. A need to break up the old patterns which no longer serve our highest and best good. This explosion has a liberating potential as it clears a site for a new growth. We cannot build new structures on top of old foundations; the old must be burned away before the new idea can take form. Release the old, flow with change. A sudden bolt of  inspiration making things more clear. 


The Star - Number 17
The Star of Hope in Tarot ReadingsThe Star of Hope, it brings hope, faith, new opportunities and optimism to any part of the spread where it falls. Indicates that things will go well in the future. llumination and inspiration that when acted upon brings our dreams and wishes to fruition. Any rough patches will smooth out and indicates an improvement in health. In a career reading past efforts will be appreciated and rewarded. Could be pursuing educational or artistic matters. Expansion.

The Moon - Number 18
The Moon in TarotStrong emotions, expansion, confusion, strong dreams and an increase in psychic ability.  Your dreams are trying to tell you something, listen. Highly charged emotions possibly to do with relationships, people within this relationship may be muddled, not sure about what they want or where they are going. Best hope would be to avoid making any concrete plans and let things float along for a while. If the Moon appears in other areas of life ie finances or work than deception and trickery could be in the air. On a mundane level even simple plans can go awry when the Moon arrives ie letters going astray, travel plans fouled up etc. On a more positive note the Moon gives the inquirer a chance to use his/her imagination, and this could be beneficially channelled into artistic pursuits. Rely on gut feelings in relation to any doubtful situations, as they are going to be far more accurate than reason.

The Sun - Number 19
The Sun in TarotRebirth, joy, happiness and success are on the way. The sun is about to shine in the inquirers life. Efforts will be rewarded and trials overcome. A card for the company of good friends and creature comforts. Indications are that a marriage would be successful and happy. There may be children around you, an addition to the family ie grandchildren, or perhaps just the joy and fun of a youthful nature. Spontaneous and passionate. Feeling and experiencing life like a child again.


Judgement - Number 20
Judgement in Tarot ReadingsClarity of judgement. A phase is coming to an end and the inquirer will soon be able to look back over what they have been doing and make a clear evaluation of past events. This is more a natural conclusion than a sudden end ie rewards, promotions or retirement, the inquirer will feel that he/she have done their duty and have a clear conscious. The end of a project with the chance to start something new however, the inquirer will start out with confidence knowing that they have satisfactorily accomplished the previous project. Rejuvenation, if something in life has been holding you down you will be released with the feeling of starting out afresh. Facing the truth of where you have been and where you are going. If the inquirer is having any legal dealings than indications are that the outcome will be favourable. 


The World - Number 21

The World in Tarot ReadingsHappiness and a lasting success. If the inquirer is nearing the end of a project, then he will soon be able to survey the work done with a sense of pride and accomplishment. A gradual, happy and satisfactory completion of objectives and goals. Setting of new objectives and goals. Will have the admiration of others and will be feeling proud of achievements. The inquirer is about to gain some insight and a sense of inner peace. Often indicates travel. A hint of new adventures to come.



Learning how to do Tarot Readings

It is important to remember that what we see in the cards are possibilities at that point in time for the person receiving the reading and that it is not fixed. The Tarot reading presents what is going on around and what is coming up in the inquirers life, it also offers advice and ways of handling situations, problems, relationships, career interests, financial matters etc in whatever areas in relation to the question asked. What shows in the cards is the energies around the person and what they are drawing to themselves at that point in time and space. What the reading has to offer and what the inquirer chooses to use is entirely up to him/her. We all have freewill and can choose our own path.

When first starting out it would be best to purchase a new pack of cards which are to be used by you for the sole purpose of doing readings. Ideally the cards should only be handled by you and the inquirer. It would be best to wrap the cards in silk when not in use and keep them in a special place. The cards can be cleansed occasionally by laying them out in the sun or holding each card individually over the smoke from a burning incense stick. Tarot readings are not a game and should be carried out with sincerity and serious intent by the reader as well as the recipient. Never force a reading on anyone.

Creating a relaxed atmosphere is a priority when reading the cards ie quiteness, soft music, a burning candle or incense. Before going ahead with a reading ask the inquirer to think of a question that they would like the answer for - it could be around their love life, career, finances etc.  You must shuffle the cards before using the cards for a reading in order to clear them of previous vibrations. Then give the cards to the inquirer to shuffle, ask them to think about their question while shuffling, then ask them to split the pack in three piles with their left hand and put the piles back together in whatever way they wish. Now you are ready to place the cards out for the reading.

The Celtic Cross is the most popular so I will describe that layout. You can experiment with many other layouts even create your own. You can also ask if the inquirer wants a reading covering a certain period of time eg approximately the next 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or whatever period. I have found that events can sometimes happen earlier or later than the time period mentioned so it is definitely an approximate.

celtic cross picture

 1        The Heart of the Matter
 2        The Crossing Card
 3        The Conscious
 4        The Sub-Conscious
 5        The Past
 6        The Near Future
 7        The Advice
 8        The Home & Immediate Environment
 9        Hopes & Wishes
10       The Outcome (long-term)

Numbers & their meanings

Tarot cards, except for The Fool and the Court cards, have numbers and the meaning of these numbers can help with interpretation especially if the same numbers turn up more than once in the same reading. You can also add up the numbers from all the cards in a spread (as in numerology) to get a final overall number which I have found usually reinforces the message from the reading.

Ace or  1     New energy, new beginnings, births, the focus is on the querent achieving his or her potential and being open to new opportunities.

   2 Decisions, choice, inner level, reflection, partnerships, relationships, period of gestation, waiting & anticipation of future success.
   3 Creative, planning, foundations, growth, a period of suspended activity before future successes are realised, threes in a readimg suggest that there is more than one person involved.
   4 Stability, rest, solidity, consolidation, the realisation of one's goals.
   5 Change, struggle, conflict, a time of changes and of ups and downs, breakthrough.
   6 Expansion, gains, triumphs, a peak experience, positive, adaptability and the ability to change in times of difficulty.
   7 Reflective, withdrawal, seclusion, inner work, don’t give up, a time of solitude & asking questions of oneself. 
   8  Positive Changes, letting go of the past, inner strength, courage, movement, money,
   9 Completion drawing near, security, satisfaction, fulfilment, re-assessment, completion of events.
  10 Completion & transformation, sum total, success, moving into a new cycle, new beginnings & change.

Astrological Signs & Tarot Cards
Each Tarot card has astrological equivalents. This can help in a reading for understanding the character of a person. The following is a list of star signs and corresponding cards which could indicate either the star sign of the person sitting for the reading or someone of that star sign strongly around them or coming into their lives.

Pisces 20 Feb-20 Mar High Priestess, Hanged Man, Knight of Cups
Aries 21 Mar-20 Apr Emperor, King of Wands
Taurus  21 Apr-20 May Hierophant, King of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles
Gemini  21 May-20 June Lovers, Knight of Swords
Cancer  21 June-20 July Chariot, Moon, Queen of Cups
Leo 21 July-21 Aug Strength, Sun, Queen of Wands
Virgo  22 Aug-22 Sept Hermit, Knight of Pentacles
Libra  23 Sept-22 Oct Justice, The Empress, Queen of Swords
Scorpio  23 Oct-22 Nov Death, King of Cups
Sagittarius  23 Nov-20 Dec Temperance, Knight of Wands
Capricorn  21 Dec-19 Jan Devil, Queen of Pentacles
Aquarius  20 Jan-19 Feb Star, King of Swords

The Elements in Tarot
FIRE             Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
WATER        Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
AIR              Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
EARTH        Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

WANDS - FIRE - relates to energy, enthusiasm, action, vitality, achievements, a positive approach to life, loves a challenge. Tends to live in the future. Thrives on achieving goals, which gives them a sense of purpose. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

CUPS - WATER - relates to love, imagination, harmony, relationships, an approach to life through feelings, emotional sensitivity and creativity, nurturing, caring, enjoys giving & receiving love. Is content to flow with the changes life brings. Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

SWORDS - AIR - relates to thoughts, ideas, concepts, beliefs, attitudes, difficulties, communication, understanding and practical effort. Swords can bring pain but also understanding. This suit deals with the trials we put ourselves through in order to transform our understanding of life. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

PENTACLES - EARTH - relates to the material and physical. Pentacles types are down to earth, practical, realistic and grounded. They are at home with the business world and material things, they tend to live in the present. They know when the time is right to conserve resources and when to let go and enjoy the fruits of their labour. Love nature and could have a green thumb. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The Pages & Their Meanings

All the Pages in the Tarot refer to study, news ie telephone call, letter, email because the Page traditionally brought the news to the court. Pages also represent the seeds of new beginnings. Quite often refers to a child or a young person.

Page of Wands - The act of starting a new project. You could be trying to master something new, maybe a new job or a new  approach to a situation. If the reading is for an older person then they may be feeling young again. Could also indicate the birth of a child; good news on the way. A restless young person around you or entering your life. The beginning of or a new stage of a relationship. This relationship could well be filled with outdoor activities. Colouring: Fair to red hair, blue eyes.


Page of Cups
Thinking about feelings. Birth of new ideas, feelings and attitudes. Love of a young person. Renewed trust.  The offer of a new relationship or business partnership. An opportunity for emotional fulfilment in regard to career suggesting working doing something that you love. Creative work. Psychic or spiritual development is likely to occur. Offer of a new relationship or the deepening of an existing one. Positive indication of a reunion with a friend or partner. Colouring: Light brown hair, pale eyes. 


Page of Swords - Indicates travel by air (backup cards for travel 3 Wands, 6 Swords,
8 Wands, Temperance or the World, if they appear in the same reading).
Could be news about whatever your question relates to. Represents a young person with an active mind, easily given to inspiration, but not very practical with their ideas. Feeling of being up in the clouds, you need to come back to reality before deciding if your ideas are workable. Dreaming about what you want in a relationship, but doing nothing about making the dream a reality. Approaching life through thought, without regard to what you feel. Disruptive situation due to gossip.
Colouring: Brown hair, brown eyes.


Page of Pentacles - News about money, new job or course of study. Thinking about and planning things around money and possessions. If starting a new project than serious commitment and careful planning is required to succeed. Steadily work towards goal. Acquiring new skills when starting a new job or project. A young person who is practical, serious and steady, enjoys nature, the outdoors and animals. Often they are old before they are young. Suggests giving extra time to taking care of your body. Any new projects should be nurtured with care and gentleness. A desire for learning and study indicated. Shows a strong commitment to a relationship. Could also indicate a relationship that would be beneficial materially to both parties. Colouring: Dark hair, dark eyes. 




Kings, Queens, Knights & Their Meanings

King, Queen & Knight of Wands

King of Wands - Aries.
Self discipline and perseverance bring success. By pacing yourself you will be assured of enough time and energy to pursue your goals. A true businessman who either owns his own business, which he is passionate about or works in a position of authority for somebody else.
Qualities of Character - Leadership. Someone who has the ability to make their ideas work, self disciplined, strong willed, enthusiastic, energetic, confident, honest, warm, humorous, generous, positive and always willing to take on new challenges. Suited to a career in sales or any goal oriented position. More than likely runs his own business. Colouring: Possibly have blue eyes, fair or red hair and be over 30 years of age.


Queen of Wands - Leo
Inner strength and using intuition brings success. Believing in what you are doing, and doing what you believe in, can help you realise your goals.
Qualities of Character - A woman who is strong, enthusiastic, outgoing and independent. She is intuitive and has inner strength. Acts upon her feelings and uses her inner strength to reach her goals. She is confident, with great sales ability and a good organiser. Prefers action rather than reflection. Honest, loves sport and exercise and needs plenty of freedom to be her own person. Suited to a career in sales or any goal oriented position.  If she is not already running her own business she would be an asset to any business. Colouring: Possibly over 22 with blue eyes, fair to red hair.


Knight of Wands -Sagittarius
Change, movement, a need for challenge, a love of travel, learning and teaching. If the Temperance card falls in the same spread can suggest study or a teaching career.  Can indicate a move to a new home and in a career question travel related to a new job. Travel is also very strongly indicated if the Ace, 3, or 8 of Wands appears in the same reading. If the question is about relationships can indicate a relationship formed while travelling.
Qualities of Character -Describes a man or a woman of a fiery nature. Enthusiastic, positive and eager for action. Prefers honesty and tactfulness, so communication would be straight forward. If the inquirer is an older person they may be feeling young. Colouring: Possibly blue eyes and fair to red hair generally between 21 to 30 years of age 


King, Queen & Knight of Cups

King of Cups - Scorpio
Emotional and creative discipline. A mature, strong, calm, creative approach combined with practical efforts brings success and rewards. A time to trust your instincts - don't give up.
Qualities of Character - Strong, sensitive, patient, creative and deep. Emotionally controlled and spiritually aware. Knows his strengths and weaknesses and he treasures being close to his partner emotionally. Bases decisions on gut feelings or intuition and often works on hunches. Considers the needs of others as well as his own needs. Career and interests - Working in and around water, writing, painting, music, acting, medical, healing professions, counselling, psychology, architecture, computers, website design and study of religion or philosophy. Colouring: Possibly over 30 years of age, Pale eyes, light brown hair.


Queen of Cups - Cancer
Creative discipline brings success. Suggests listening to your heart and to your intuition before deciding upon a course of action.
Qualities of Character - Emotional, imaginative, strong psychic abilities. A charming woman and a good friend. She is mature  with an intuitive and creative nature. Usually quite, supportive of people around her. Values emotional fulfilment above material success, and devotes great time and effort to her relationships, family and children. People often confide in her. Suitable career based in any of the following - counselling, psychology, social work, child care, writing, healing, psychic and spiritual areas and any creative work. Colouring: Possibly over 22 years of age and have pale eyes, brown or blond hair.


Knight of Cups - Pisces
An offer from someone. An invitation or opportunity may soon arise. A marriage proposal. A time to decide whether it is wise to act or to wait. Follow your heart in order to find fulfilment.
Qualities of Character - Soft-hearted, gentle, sincere, tender and caring. Enthusiastic while being soft and sensitive underneath. Colouring: Possibly aged 21 - 30 years of age have pale eyes and brown hair.


King, Queen & Knight of Swords

King of Swords - Aquarius
Clear thought and practical effort brings success. Committed to clearness of thought, honesty and a need to put knowledge into practice. Success indicated through having a clear, workable plan. Someone is giving you clear sound advice. If the Justice Card appears with the King of Swords in the layout can suggest legal procedures are taking place.
Qualities of Character - Mature man with a disciplined mind, good clear practical ideas. A good organiser, likely to be involved in management. Loves logic which leaves little room for emotions and dreams. His advice is worth seeking and he is attracted to law or  medicine as a career. Careers - business, politics, law, architecture, policeman, engineering, medicine, teaching, communications, business consultancy and writing (non-fiction). Colouring: Possibly over 30 years of age and has brown hair with brown eyes.


Queen of Swords - Libra
A time to reflect upon current situation and your past actions. Thinking clearly brings success. Looking closely at what is approaching may prevent you repeating difficult patterns. A time of withdrawal and thinking about yourself and your direction. Will observe a potential partner before committing herself.
Qualities of Character - Subtle sense of humour, rational, clear thinking, patient, quick minded, excellent organiser and a shrewd judge of human nature. Can tend towards being a perfectionist. Gives good advice based upon her own experiences. Loves to talk. Would suit careers in - administration, clerical & office work, business management, politics, medicine, law, science, publishing, editorial.  Colouring: Usually over 22 years of age with brown hair and brown eyes. 


Knight of Swords - Gemini
A combination of thought and action in order to bring about the desired result. In answer to a question suggests that sudden action is called for. This card usually represents a quick minded young person who is unpredictable and impatient. Can be a person who comes into your life and helps in moving things along.  An action card.
Qualities of Character - Hasty in thought, word and deed. Quick minded, restless and impatient. Initiates action with no thought as to how it will finish. Prefers action to planning or reflection. Doesn't like repetition and desires movement and change. Quick thought without much discipline. Becomes easily bored therefore is always on the move. Colouring: Usually 21 to 30 upwards has brown hair and brown eyes.




King, Queen & Knight of Pentacles

King of Pentacles - Taurus
Slow, steady and practical steps bring success. Successful in a business sense.  Possibly owns his own business and has worked his way up from the ground level or has done the same working for someone else.
Qualities of Character -Grounded, practical, cautious and hard-working. Reliable and conservative. Fulfils his commitments and takes his responsibilities seriously. Exceptionally wise with money. Has a stubborn streak and can be territorial. Loves home and the comforts thereof, food, music, animals, nature and material things. Can easily slip into a rut and become too conventional. When out of sorts food will usually calm him. Although sometimes unadventurous he is a stable and reliable partner. Prosperous and highly successful in a worldly sense. In regard to health this card can indicate tension stored in the neck and shoulders. Careers:  Builder, Naturalist, Conservationist, Gardening, Geologist, Archeologist, working with metals and gems.  Colouring: Over 30 years of age has dark hair and dark eyes. 

Queen of Pentacles - Capricorn
Practical application of thoughts and desires brings success and material security. Trust your abilities.
Qualities of Character: Good business sense. Will work hard, loves plants and animals, is steady, patient and generous. Enjoys preparing and eating good food, loves touching and being touched. She always likes to keep some money aside for peace of mind. Can be frugal. Reliable, down to earth person. Practical and supportive. A lover of nature. A career best suited to this person would be - working with plants or animals, natural healing areas, floristry, chef, green keeper, business (either working for or running her own), environmentalist, geology or any career to do with the outdoors.
Colouring: Usually 22 years of age and up has dark hair and dark eyes.


Knight of Pentacles - Virgo
Consolidating your plans and making moves to cement goals and prepared to put in the hard work to achieve goals.
Qualities of Character - Serious, planning, persistent, reliable. Quite often a person who works with his hands a Tradesman etc. He likes to plan and stick to his plans, working tirelessly toward his goal. Money and material things come first with him. Responsible, hardworking, independent. He would prefer to have his own business as he detests being told what to do by other people. Always prepared to put in hard work necessary to achieve a goal. Loves home life, stability and predictability and will endure a very difficult situation rather than change. He is sometimes seen by other people as a plodder. A good provider, hides his emotions but has a soft centre. Conservative in tastes and careful with his reputation. If he is hindered in his progress towards his goal he will temporarily be upset but will get back on his horse and keep going to achieve the goal. Colouring: 21 to 30 years of age, dark hair and dark eyes.


The Aces & their Meanings

Ace of Wands
Self discipline brings success. Has the energy and desire to put plans into action. Depicts ideas being formed and planing for future action. Clear skies for following through goals. You will have plenty of strength and physical energy. Travel and movement indicated. There will be few restrictions in following through with your plans. Can indicate the beginning of a relationship or the deepening of an existing one.


Ace of Cups
Feelings of emotional fulfilment and contentment. Open to new opportunities which could include a new relationship, a deeper commitment to an existing relationship, birth of child or new level of fulfilment. Positive for relationships. Either the start of a relationship or the deepening of an existing one. Can denote a relationship with someone is helping you to connect to your spiritual purpose. Your cup runneth over with love. Spiritually an opening of the heart chakra.


Ace of Swords
Clear thinking brings success. Depicts plans put into place for future action. Clarity of thought, practical planning and clear focus on the desired goal. Spiritually it means that you can see through material things to the spiritual causes of events and the consequences of thoughts in the material world. A clear plan in knowing what you want from a relationship. Most likely you and your partner will share common interests and goals and you will be on the same wave length.


Ace of Pentacles
The start of a new project. The wise use of time, money and effort can bring rewards. In relation to career can suggest either a new career or a new stage in your career. With the wise handling of money, you should be able to cover your expenses.  Possibly the beginning of a relationship with someone to do with your work environment. Pursuing this relationship holds potential for material success and could lead to career opportunities or a business partnership.


The Suit of Wands from Two to Ten

Two of Wands - It is about decisions. The weighing up of alternatives in order to choose the best course of action. Decision prior to the action. Examining the world and where you fit in the overall picture.

Three of Wands - Putting plans into action and looking out for new opportunities. Travel is likely.

Four of Wands - The act of making your plans a reality. Suggests romance and compatibility. You maybe moving house or changing jobs.

Five of Wands - There is outer struggle and conflict, people are not working together. Inner struggle from too many demands on your time and energy. Things are not going to run smoothly for a while and there will be delays.

Six of Wands - You will rise above your problems and victory is yours. You have put in the work and now will reap the rewards. You may be congratulated by others for your achievements. Can indicate success in exams. Being confident about life.

Seven of Wands - The message here is Don't give up. Continue on even if life seems hard at the moment because you will succeed.

Eight of Wands - Anxieties will reduce and there is much free flowing energy around you. Things are going to speed up and you will be enthusiastic having lots of energy. A good time to pursue romantic interests. Likely travel or news from overseas. Don't rush into new business ventures just now.

Nine of Wands - Time of reassessment, and like a tree to prune back the dead branches, those things that you no longer need in your life. A feeling of caution in regard to relationships a need to release past hurts from previous relationships. Weigh up your commitment to your present relationship. Keep an eye out for things going on behind your back.

Ten of Wands - Over burdened. Responsiblities and life's pressures are weighing heavily on you. You feel like you are running around and getting nowhere. It is time to lighten your load, either by delegating some of this load by asking other people who can help or cutting back on some of your commitments. Be careful of overconcern for others at this time. Try to see things from another perspective.

The Suit of Cups from Two to Ten

Two of Cups - A card of harmony, stability, sharing and co-operation. Describes a good friendship, partnership or romantic relationship where there is equality and trust. Can suggest marriage or deepening of a relationship. In relation to a business partnership indicates there would be equal benefits for both sides. If there has been a rift between two people than this card can suggest that problems will be healed and peace restored. A spiritually guided relationship.

Three of Cups - Resolution of problems, have faith, everything is going to turn out well in the end. A card of celebrations, social gatherings ie weddings, parties, reunions, family get togethers etc. This card brings stong healings energies for body, mind and spirit.

Four of Cups - Indicates a need to connect with the spiritual or inner self.  Feelings of disatisfaction and sometimes depression especially in regard to relationships.  A need to stay connected with friends and interests. Don't let despondency blind you to opportunities being presented. Use this time wisely to think things through.

Five of Cups - Feelings of sadness and loss.  You maybe feeling separated from life at the moment.  Don't fight it, go with it and experience it, for in so doing you are opening the way for new opportunities to come to you. By facing your fears you can turn them from monsters into soft fluffy kittens.  Release old hurts in order to move on. There will be help and support from a friend or spiritual guide.

Six of Cups - Feelings of safety and security in the home. A stong card for nostalgia, either thinking about things from the past or visiting places from your past, maybe even old talents resurfacing which can be put to good use. You may run into an old friend.  Although we can glimpse the past, it is wise to put the past behind us and move forward with hope.

Seven of Cups - Too many choices and difficulty in making decisions. To make realistic choices the suggestion is to go within to find what it is that you really want. The realisation that to love other people, you must first learn to love yourself.  Daydreaming is fine in it's place but we can't escape from living life in the hear and now forever. A need for grounding yourself go for a walk in the bush or along a beach or do some gardening.

Eight of Cups - Searching for deeper meaning in life. A realisation that there is more to life than what you are presently experiencing. Retreat from being emotionally drained.  A need to let go of something or someone in your life. Look within. There will be much courage and strength available to you at this time. Release and forgive the past with love and let it go.

Nine of Cups - The wish card. Your wish will come true. Foretells happiness, contentment and peace. You are feeling happy and fulfilled in all areas of your life.  Very pleased with yourself. Favourable for business. Possibly a marriage to someone older. You are using what you have learnt in life wisely.

Ten of Cups - The card of home and family, harmony, peace and happiness.  Contentment within a family or work situation or both of these. Working together, sharing, equality, giving and receiving. Although committed to each other in a relationship there is still freedom for separate interests and friends outside of this relationship.  Indication of marriage especially if backed up by The Lovers. A birth in the family is possible.

The Suit of Swords from Two to Ten

Two of Swords - The need to choose between two alternatives. Being blindfolded to the truth will only create stagnation.  Resolution of emotional conflicts will help you in making a clear decision. If you have been hurt in a relationship, accept, love and forgive yourself and the other person, be kind to yourself and allow yourself time for healing and learning from the experience.  Not the best time to rush into another relationship. Try to combine thoughts and emotions in decisions. Face your fears so that you can understand what circumstances are trying to teach you.

Three of Swords - Heartache and matters of the heart, grief, strong disappointment and a broken heart. Can indicate pain and suffering within a relationship.  Accept and don't fight what life is handing you at this time, remember that this will pass and needs to be experienced honestly and not suppressed. Forms of meditation and relaxation which help you to connect to your heart would be helpful for healing and spiritual growth.

Four of Swords - A need for rest,  recreation and recovery from emotional or physical problems.  Take time out in order to reflect, meditate and refresh yourself.  You may feel a need to spend time alone. Put some thought into improving your lifestyle in regard to health.

Five of Swords - Tension, conflicts and arguments. Conflict could be on an inner level or with people around you. This card indicates that someone comes out on top, but only through brute force or manipulation.  A satisfactory conclusion to the matter will only come when all parties are able to have their say and each one really listens to the other. A need for clear communication. Remember God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. This card can also represent the defeat and destruction of a negative behaviour pattern in the inquirers life. Could suggest that you have simply taken on too much and are not coping well with the added responsibility.

Six of Swords - A difficult cycle coming to an end.  Moving from rough into smooth waters. You will be taking some of your old beliefs and thoughts with you, to let go of them at this time would be too much, there will be a slow letting go of the past.  You have learnt from life's trials and have peace of mind.  Can indicate overseas travel.

Seven of Swords -  New ideas, plans, and goals are in the air. If you are not getting the rewards out of life that you think you should, become more adaptable and be open to new ways of achieving your goals. Never give up. This card carries a warning that there could is a hint of dishonesty or deception around you at this time.

Eight of Swords - Feelings of restriction, confusion and anxiety. Fear of making a decision in case of hurting another. Although you are blindfolded, tied up and surrounded by swords, your feet are free to walk out of this situation whenever you wish. The number of this card is 8 which represents strength and courage so you will have inner reserves to carry you through. Examine your inner beliefs as it is these that bind you. For the way out follow your intuition. Sometimes this card can represent asthma or breathing problems.

Nine of Swords - The worry card. Can indicate anxiety, sadness and sleeplessness. You maybe experiencing strong dreams, listen to them as your subconscious is trying to tell you something.  It would be wise to ground yourself by getting close to nature, spend some time in out the countryside or near the sea. Always look at the surrounding cards to get the whole picture, with the 9 of Swords appearing alongside Pentacles the worry could be about money; or with Cups worry about a relationship;  Wands worry about change, travel or physical things.

Ten of Swords - The end of a situation.  Something in your life is over and acceptance of this will allow new things to replace what has gone. Change is difficult, but we do cope, and come through the experience more positive and capable. Release the past with love and let it go. The sun is rising on the horizon with the hope of new and better things to come.

The Suit of Pentacles from Two to Tens

Two of  Pentacles - Decisions between two alternatives in relation to money or physical possessions. We maybe juggling finances, robbing Peter to pay Paul so to speak. Be prepared to take risks and act when opportunities are presented. Money spent overseas.

Three of Pentacles -  Recognition of talents and early success.  You are being admired for your work but there is still more work to be done.  Success comes through hard work and effort.  This card also indicates success in exams, business and personal affairs. A good time for home renovations.

Four of Pentacles - Holding onto money and material things.  Indicates a time to save money and pay off debts. Keeping a good eye on money coming in and going out.  Suggests a good time to invest money. You must however, be careful not to become too miserly and remember to be a little generous to yourself and those around you.

Five of Pentacles -  Could be financial difficulties and struggle accompanied by loss of faith in oneself.  Can indicate unemployment or uninteresting work. A need to look inwards.  Family and friends are likely to be helpful at this time and offer emotional support. Take note of your limiting beliefs about money, beliefs are just that, they can be changed or released. This card features a stained glass window, there are others ways of thinking and doing things, be open to see what is happening in your life in a different light. You can always walk around the wall and through a new door, life always presents us with new positive opportunities and possibilities. On a positive note there will be strengthening of character and relationships through riding out tough times and being able to adapt to changing conditions.

Six of Pentacles - Indicates a stable financial situation.  You may give or receive generously.  Any purchases or business transactions made now are likely to be sound.  In a relationship question this card can show one person has more control than the other within this relationship.

Seven of Pentacles - Growth comes through hard work.  Business opportunities may present themselves however, take your time and think them through before committing yourself either way. A time to think about where to invest what you have already earned. A card of steady progress.

Eight of Pentacles - Studying, developing new skills or learning a trade.  You may find a hobby developing into a career.  Perseverance and hard work is required.  Can suggest studying to broaden your expertise in whatever field you are already in.

Nine of Pentacles -  Contentment, happiness, safety and security.  Everything is going great and according to plans. You are now reaping the rewards of hard work. The home and work fronts are going well.  Can represent a retired person.  Can also indicate pregnancy if it appears with the Empress in the same spread.

Ten of Pentacles - A period of security, contentment, financial security and wealth. Family and family gatherings. Can suggest receiving an inheritance or an unexpected piece of good fortune. Maybe time to look at making provisions for the family ie making a will, or investments which will benefit the family. Good energies in relation to moving house or putting extensions onto a present house.  If you are involved in a legal case than the 10 of Pentacles with 6 of Pentacles in the same spread can suggest a payout in your favour.  If the 10 of Pentacles appears with 2 other 10's then the signing of contracts is likely.

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