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Seichem/Seichim/Sekhem/SKHM All Love


Seichem can be a beautiful addition to Reiki or whatever kind of energetic healing method that you use. Similar to Reiki, Seichem connects with Source, to establish healing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The Energy is used to heal and to stimulate personal development and growth and to reach ones true purpose.


Seichem is another aspect of the One Source. It was rediscovered in 1980 by Patrick Zeigler while he was visiting Egypt and after spending the night in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid


Spellings of the word differ: Seichim/Seichem/Sekhem/SKHM, but it always means Power in a spiritual manner. Might, Altar, The Natural Force, Vital Force, Vital Force Of Men, or any Spiritual Power or Psychic Force, Place of the Gods, God of the Altar or Habitat of the Gods, Place of Power.


Seichim (spelt in this way) was the original name given to the system and it has gone through a few developments along the way since the rediscovery of the energy by Patrick Zeigler in 1980. From the early days of Seichim, those involved have elaborated on the basic theme, each in her or his own individual way, creating the various "schools". Now it is known as Seichim, Seichem, Sekhem, Isis Seichim, SKHM and SKHM All Love.


Seichem tends to produce offshoots of itself, and newer channelled symbols as each participant discovers the energy working internally. Similar to the waves of the ocean that continue to roll in, so does the energy of Seichem after your initial connection.


SKHM All Love is how Patrick Ziegler connects and works with the energy today. It is more of a group oriented energy and one of the great aspects is, that it seems to support an individuals development and takes them to new insights and usage of this energy. Patrick doesn't work with "regular" attunements anymore, instead he uses what he calls "flowing meditations". Patrick supports initiations through ones own internal process, rather than energetically altering ones energetic field to bring up a premature Initiation. It is more of a process of allowing and guiding the flow of the energy. Through this process certain energetic blocks are found and identified and once the awareness of these blocks are found spontaneous initiation/s may occur. Patrick feels that it is better to let the energy itself be the teacher, that way he does not place his own limitations on it. Even though it does have an Egyptian feel and heritage, he does not promote it as such because that in itself begins to define what the energy is. Once it is defined it becomes very difficult to grow and expand.


SKHM All Love energy system uses meditation and reflection to access the energy, under the guidance of an SKHM Teacher. This energy is the core energy of the original Seichim system developed by Patrick. The recent history of Reiki-Seichem shows that both Tera Mai™ and Karuna™ forms of Reiki & Seichem flowed from this system.


Patrick rediscovered Seichim and at later date learnt Reiki I & II and then became a Reiki Master. He taught this new system to T’om Seaman, and Seaman came up with a number of symbols, many of which Patrick rejected. Later, Seaman attuned Phoenix Summerfield (now deceased) (was also known as Kathleen McMaster). Patrick Zeigler, T’om Seaman, and Phoenix Summerfield were friends, and worked together for short periods of time. Phoenix Summerfield taught Marsha Burack, who taught Gary Jirauch, and she also taught Helen Belot, of Australia, who developed her own school of Sekhem with a focus on Sekhmet. Patrick Zeigler, himself, has never condemned the changes, or additions, to Seichim. The Seven Facets were developed by Phoenix Summerfield over a period of several years. T-Om Seaman also developed a multilevel system that was separate from Phoenix which he also called Renegade Reiki.


SKHM Timeline
Patrick Zeigler has his spontaneous initiation in the Great Pyramid in Egypt and studies with the Sufis (Sheik Mohammed Osman Brahani) in the Sudan.
1982-1983 Patrick in Nepal
1983 Patrick returns to the US and becomes a massage therap
ist. He takes Reiki I & II.
1984 Patrick takes Reiki initiations (Reiki IIIa) and starts teaching. Patrick meets Christine Gerber who channels
a 2,500 year old entity called Marat. This Marat calls the energy Patrick works with Seichim and Patrick begins with giving initiations in Seichem. Patrick initiates T'om Seaman into Seichem and Reiki III and gives him the Cho-Ku-Ret. He meets David Quigley and assists him for a few months while learning regression techniques from Quigley.
1986-1990 Patrick stays at the background while public interest for Seichim is growing.
1989 Phoenix Summerfield takes Seichim initiations from Suvana, writes to Patrick Zeigler and works more on the system with T'om Seaman
1990-1991 Phoenix gives a Seichim coarse at th
ree Expos in LA. Patrick reopens his healing practice.
1991 Kathleen Milner teaches
Reiki at LA Expo. Takes lessons from August Starr and creates Tera Mai Seichem (trademarked in 1994 or 1995)
1991-1992 Phoenix teaches in Australia. Helen Belot
creates Sekhem after these meetings
1994 Patrick studies with Robert Jaffe and Brian Grattan. These studies give Patrick additional training in working with groups.
1996 T'om, Phoenix and Patrick come together, and Patrick meets Helen Belot for the first time. Patrick designes the SKHM Shenu.
1998 Patrick begins his first SKHM teacher training groups and teaches his current form SKHM. Others catch up with the term, and use it for every form of Seichim, be it meditation based on Patricks work or the "older" initiation systems.
Patrick discovers the meaning of the last bit of information that was given him by Marat on the breathing and the Ankh symbol.
1999 First list of aproved SKHM initiators. The SKHM Shenu is redesigned
2000 Patrick in the Netherlands (Europe).
2002The SKHM Shenu meditation available for download.
2004 The first issue of SKHM Magazine is published and the Shenu is updated.
2005 March
/April - Patrick teaches SKHM for the first time in Australia, holding classes in Blue Mountains, Melbourne & Brisbane.

2005 September/October - Patrick on his second trip to Australia teaches SKHM All Love holding classes at North Sydney (hosted by Warwick & Leonie at Atlantis Rising), Perth and Melbourne.
2005 December - Patrick holds SKHM Courses in Brazil.

2006 February - Patrick holds SKHM Course in Melbourne, Australia..



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