Reiki-Seichem, Komyo & Gendai Reiki Master/Teachers & Practitioners

Komyo & Gendai Reiki   Master, EFT Ad, Master NLP & Time Line tm,,   Hypnotherapist, SKHM  Facilitators, Egyptian Cartouche Initiation Facilitators.
Quit Smoking in 1 Hour.

Atlantis Rising
Central Coast of NSW

Courses & Therapy Sessions by appointment.

Central Coast Ph 0418 437879
Email for course information
Website: Atlantis Rising

Mark & Judy Sweeney
Reiki-Seichem &
Gendai Reiki  Masters
& Orion Theta Practitioners, SKHM All Love Facilitators

Blue Mountains Reiki Centre
Woodford, NSW

Treatments & Workshops by appointment.

Phone 02 4759 3528
email: Blue Mountains Reiki Centre



Christine Bussell
Komyo Reiki Master & Seichim Master

Cosmos Connection
Sandstone Point
 (near Bribie Island)
Healing Sessions & Workshops

Mobile: 0412083215
Phone 07 5497 7207
email: Cosmos Connection

Peter Meyer
Hypnotherapist & NLP  Time Line Therapy
Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes Specialist,
 Reiki-Seichem Master,
Huna Initiations. Cartouche Initiations Facilitator.

Albury & Melbourne Victoria, Australia
Courses & Sessions by appointment.

Phone 0412 963 258
email: Peter Meyer Co.

Ian George
Reiki-Seichem & Gendai Reiki  Master

Gladesville, Sydney NSW Australia
Courses & Treatments

Phone 02 9879 3587

Lynn Hilton
Reiki-Seichem Practitioner The Reconnection, Hypnotherapy, Orion/Theta & Crystal Healing Practitioner

Majestic Healing
Buff Point, Central Coast  NSW Australia
Healing Treatments

Ph 0407660589
email: Majestic Healing

Peter Rees
Reiki-Seichem Master

Newcastle, NSW
Treatments and Workshops

Ph 02 4952 6787
Fax 02 4956 1390
email: Peter Rees

Jenny Murphy
Reiki-Seichem Master

South Melbourne, VIC
Courses & Treatments

Ph 03 95252940 (BH)
email: Jenny Murphy
Website Wheel of Light

Pauline Dwyer

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Ph 07 5494 5017
email: Pauline

Ian Burns
Reiki-Seichem Master, SKHM All Love Facilitator

Western Australia

Treatments and Workshops

Ph 0418 412 423
email: Ian Burns
Website: Reiki Healing

Maura McFerran
Reiki-Seichem &
Komyo Reiki Master,
Angel Initiations Facilitator.

Louima Centre
County Antrim
Northern Ireland
Courses & Treatments

Phone (028) 79650270
email: Louima Centre

Frieda Mawer
Reiki-Seichem Master

Kent, England, UK
Courses & Treatments

email: Frieda

Launa Marshall

Perth, WA, Australia
Courses & Treatments

Ph 08 9310 2930
email: Lorna

Gabor Fejes &
Kati Kovacs

Reiki-Seichem &
Gendai Reiki Masters

Budapest, Hungary
Treatments and Workshops

email: Gabor & Kati

Ashkee Tsouras
Ashkees Earth Medicine
Reiki-Seichem &
Gendai Reiki Master

Houston, Texas USA

Treatments and Workshops

Ph (832) 237-5894
Website: Ashees Earth Medicine

Jason Mackenzie
Reiki-Seichem, Komyo & Gendai Reiki Master/Shihan
 SKHM All Love Teacher

Treatments and Workshops

email: Jason Mackenzie
Website: Astramana Healing Services

Lyn Stanley
Reiki-Seichem - Practitioner,
 Foot Reflexology

Terrigal, NSW
Healing Treatments

Ph 0414502033

Reiki-Seichem Practitioner
Tarot Readings, Artist

Western Australia

email Nisaba
Yudha Eka Putra (aka. Sarvabodha Dwijendra)
Traditional Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Komyo Reiki Kai, All Lightarian Modalities, SSR ALL LOVE,  Mystic Exoteric, gTumo Tibetan
Treatments and Workshops
Phone: +62 818 094 16500
or +62 813 943 666 16
email: Yudha
Margie Boyle

Healing Cave
3 Haig Street
Georges Hall, Sydney
Treatments and Workshops

Ph 9723 5998
email: The Healing Cave


Only practitioners and teachers who have received training with Atlantis Rising have the option of being listed on this page. When you receive Reiki I up to Master or other training with us you have the option of having your name and info on this list free of charge. 

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