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Satya Japanese Reiki
LINEAGE:Mikao Usui, Toshihiro Eguchi, Goro Miyazuki, Mieko Mitsui, Takahashi, Toshitaka Mochizuki, Shingo Sakuma...
Mieko Mitsui also took training with Dr. Barbara Ray.
ORIGIN: This is another branch of Reiki, which originated in Japan. It mentions Hayashi and Takata as having learned Reiki, but the lineage is Eastern. The only Western influences came from Mieko Mitsui who also studied The Radiance Technique. The teachings are very similar to The Radiance Technique but with a simpler approach. Satya Reiki is found most widely in India.
A book called "The Reiki Factor" by Dr Barbara Ray was published in the United States which defined "Reiki is a science and a technique of using the light of source of every existence (Life Energy)". A New York based journalist, Mieko Mitsui, translated the book into Japanese (titled "Reiki Ryoho") and introduced Western Reiki back to Japan. When Ms Mitsui gave the seminars as the first Japanese authorised Reiki teacher, all over the country many people participated and it became like a boom.
DEGREES: 3 degrees/4 symbols.
First Degree: 3 or 4 attunements; teaches brief history, Japanese version of the principles, 12 basic hand positions (with 4 additional variations), 10 characteristics of Reiki, benefits, how to give a good treatment, Reactions to Reiki (21 day purification), uses of Reiki in everyday life, and Reiki Marathons.
Second Degree: 3 attunement (one to each symbol); teaches the 3 traditional/original symbols and appropriate Mantras/sacred names; how to draw/use. Grounding, purifying and neutralising energy techniques, mental/emotional balancing and distance treatments are taught. The benefits of group distance treatments, and many techniques of self-help/helping others are also covered.
Master Degree: 1 attunement/1 symbol; teaches how to attune to all Degrees, how to use/draw symbol/mantra and several techniques for its use, a Reiki Meditation technique similar to the one taught in Usui/Tibetan Reiki, and the same breath empowerment technique taught in The Radiance Technique and Seichim (not Microcosmic Orbit).

LINEAGE:Helen Belot
ORIGINS:Sekhem is a complete energy system and everything that is inherent and implied in that term. It is promoted here as healing energy but can become as a pathworking and a way of life if you so wish to embrace it in such a way. And there are definite benefits in this method of working with the Sekhem energy. It is called Living Light Energy as it is neither static nor set but will change and develop as the mass consciousness of the world changes and can support it. There is only one source of energy, that being Great Spirit, Source, or whatever God means to you but how the connection is made and at what level, will affect the qualities of the energy delivered. A very important point if you are to be the receiver of the energy.

Helen Belot is the re-introducer and custodian of this ancient Egyptian Energy System of Sekhem. She has remembrances of a number of lives as the High Priest in the very early temples of ancient Egypt and so this system was updated and introduced by her to suit the current conditions of today.

This is not just healing energy. It is a complete energy system and everything that is inherent and implied in that term. It has surfaced now to assist humanity to change their vibrational rate quickly and easily so that both mankind and the earth may ascend to their higher purpose.

The energy is very balanced and has a gentle loving aspect that currently is attributed to being feminine, mankind having lost the balance of male and female in the last two-and-a-half thousand years. That balance must return, not just between the sexes but within each individual and Sekhem helps us to do this very quickly and with great ease.

Sekhem works on a totally different concept and philosophy to other energy healing systems. And although there are some similar sounding systems, none can compare with this high vibrational energy that works at the very soul level. It assists you to take responsibility for your life, to heal, to grow both personally and spiritually and so become more of who you really are. All systems are valid and Sekhem is an ongoing system that changes and develops as individuals and the mass consciousness can support those changes. Currently it has the highest vibration of the healing systems. It is taught in three separate levels, and then the Master Level can be applied for in writing if you wish to teach. No prerequisites are necessary to do the first level save an interest in the energy. For those who are used to working with high energy the first two levels may be taught together. In all other cases there is a lapse of some months between the different levels as there is much knowledge that comes with the use of the energy. For Sekhem has a depth and penetration into all areas of the body, mind and spirit that must be experienced to be believed.

Sekhem is taught in 3 separate levels, and then the Master Level can be applied for in writing if you wish to teach. No pre-requisites are necessary to do the first level, save an interest in the energy. For those who are used to working with high energy, the first two levels may be taught together. In all other cases, there is a lapse of some months between the different levels, as there is much knowledge that comes with the use of the energy. There are many symbols taught and these include Usui Reiki II & Master symbols.

The Sekhem Association Inc http://www.sekhem.org
Helen Belot, North Tambourine, Qld Australia

Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki
 Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki is based on the hand positions, treatment flow, and healing frequencies used in Usui Reiki, but adds the power of specific Sanskrit seed (bija) mantras and letters (akshara). The energy used in Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki is primarily feminine, and works to cleanse, tonify and support the chakras in their natural healing, development and evolution. Symbols, in the form of various letters of the holy Sanskrit alphabet are applied as Reiki symbols to help focus and fine-tune the healing frequencies.

Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki works closely with several of the major Hindu Goddesses, as well as the Lord of Obstacles, Ganesha. This particular form of Reiki is ideal for those who have an affinity for Eastern spirituality, &/or for those who resonate strongly with Goddess-centered paths. Practitioners of Yoga may also find that Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki compliments their existing practice to a delightful degree, and may very well take it to the next level at an expediated rate. Alternative and natural healers will be able to incorporate many of the aspects into a variety of modalities, including Sound and Light Therapies.

There are 3 levels of training in Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki, and each has a seperate attunement and symbol-set. Student's are required to have prior experience with the Usui system, and must have at least an Usui Level I certification, although training at or beyond the Usui Level II is ideal.

Level I - The focus of Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki is giving the initiates a strong foundation in the theory and methodology utilized in this system, and getting them started in a basic, but effective healing practice.

In this first level of training, the student is educated in the 7 chakra system. The material covers the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual associations, along with the meanings of the traditional and modern colors and imagery assigned to each of the 7 energy centers; all of which is important to fully mastering energetic healing. Students are also educated in the basic history, and mechanics and methods for using mantras in a personal spiritual practice as well as in their application within the Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki context. To round out the background and contextual academic material, the students are given a primer on the first of the Hindu Deities which they will be working with in Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki, Ganesha.

Students are finally presented with the 6 Level I symbols, and instructed in their usage within a Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki treatment. After having the symbols empowered within their aura during the attunement, the initiates are assigned japa meditation (mantra chanting with prayer beads) and practice treatments to complete and journal before they can move onto Level II.

Level II - Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki Level II training focuses on fine-tuning a treatment to address very specific needs of one's self or client. By incorporating the Level II symbols and mantras into a treatment plan, particular goals can be reached, and necessary energies attracted.

The academic material for this level includes a primer on the Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Durga, which preside over the mantras and symbols for this level. Their attributes, powers and coorespondances will all be addressed, and also placed into the Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki context.

Intermediate treatment methods will be introduced that include creatively and intuitively combining bija mantras and symbols to access very specific energetic vibrations.

Along with the Level II attunement, the student is schooled in 6 additional mantras and symbols. Further meditation and practice treatment journalling will be assigned, and must be completed before the student may pursue their Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki Level III Master-Teacher certification.

Level III Master-Teacher - The final Master-Teacher level of training involves introducing the student to some very powerful energies, which must be fully understood before they can be used with responsibility theraputically.

The academic material introduces the initiate to the Deities Kali and Narasima, and also the concept of Maya. The context, necessary circumstances, and ethical standards for including and utilizing Their mantras and symbols in a Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki treatment is covered in detail.

The student is advised on the most ethically sound way to proceed with incorporating Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki into a professional setting, and also how best to run a certification course. Attunement-passing methods, for both in-person and distance ceremonies, are also taught. After-care mantras to deepen and expediate healing, encourage change, and spiritual evolutaion, are also presented so that the initiate can use them themselves and also assign them to clients as between-treatment or post-treatment "homework".

Along with the final attunement, the student recieves the 3 Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki power symbols and the Master Mantra that allows them to pass attunements to others. Shakti Bija Mantra Reiki Website

Skhm (All Love) as taught by Patrick Ziegler today. It attunes one to Living Light Energy Enlightenment Activation which moves in a figure eight rather than a spiral as in Reiki. The 2 day workshops use All Love meditations for Soul Realisation to safely accelerate spiritual growth; aid connection to soul body; clear mental and emotional blockages; aid development and achievement of a totally integrated light body.

The SKHM All Love Enlightenment Activation will initiate a series of clearings of the mental and emotional level and discharge the highly blocked states that mental and emotional energy can create. The activations or initiations experienced during the class result in a degree of expansion of consciousness each time they occur.  During the class several initiations are possible.  The techniques used clear energy blockages and provide a more potent grounding and integration of spiritual energy.

The two day class is designed for each participant to be part of an in-depth experience into the process of Spiritual Initiation and Healing.  By attending a class it will begin a process of spiritual unfoldment that a person can use in everyday life to enhance their own personal growth, as well as help facilitate an accelerated path to awareness for others.  There are no prerequisites for this course.  The class is designed to meet the needs of the beginner as well as the more advanced students of the healing arts.
This experiential weekend includes sound healing, meditations, visualisations, movement meditations, symbols and mantras.  As well, there will be spiritual and chakra healing and the opportunity for spontaneous Heart initiations and openings.

SKHM All Love energy system uses meditation and reflection to access the energy, under the guidance of an SKHM Teacher. This energy is the core energy of the original Seichim system developed by Patrick. The recent history of Reiki-Seichem shows that both Tera Mai™ and Karuna™ forms of Reiki & Seichem flowed from this system.  

SKHM Timeline
Patrick Zeigler has his spontaneous initiation in the Great Pyramid in Egypt and studies with the Sufis (Sheik Mohammed Osman Brahani) in the Sudan.
1982-1983 Patrick in Nepal
1983 Patrick returns to the US and becomes a massage therap
ist. He takes Reiki I & II.
1984 Patrick takes Reiki initiations (Reiki IIIa) and starts teaching. Patrick meets Christine Gerber who channels
a 2,500 year old entity called Marat. This Marat calls the energy Patrick works with Seichim and Patrick begins with giving initiations in Seichem. Patrick initiates T'om Seaman into Seichem and Reiki III and gives him the Cho-Ku-Ret. He meets David Quigley and assists him for a few months while learning regression techniques from Quigley.
1986-1990 Patrick stays at the background while public interest for Seichim is growing.
1989 Phoenix Summerfield takes Seichim initiations from Suvana, writes to Patrick Zeigler and works more on the system with T'om Seaman
1990-1991 Phoenix gives a Seichim coarse at th
ree Expos in LA. Patrick reopens his healing practice.
1991 Kathleen Milner teaches
Reiki at LA Expo. Takes lessons from August Starr and creates Tera Mai Seichem (trademarked in 1994 or 1995)
1991-1992 Phoenix teaches in Australia. Helen Belot
creates Sekhem after these meetings
1994 Patrick studies with Robert Jaffe and Brian Grattan. These studies give Patrick additional training in working with groups.
1996 T'om, Phoenix and Patrick come together, and Patrick meets Helen Belot for the first time. Patrick designes the SKHM Shenu.
1998 Patrick begins his first SKHM teacher training groups and teaches his current form SKHM. Others catch up with the term, and use it for every form of Seichim, be it meditation based on Patricks work or the "older" initiation systems.
Patrick discovers the meaning of the last bit of information that was given him by Marat on the breathing and the Ankh symbol.
1999 First list of aproved SKHM initiators. The SKHM Shenu is redesigned
2000 Patrick in the Netherlands (Europe).
2002The SKHM Shenu meditation available for download.
2004 The first issue of SKHM Magazine is published and the Shenu is updated.
2005 March
/April - Patrick teaches SKHM for the first time in Australia, holding classes in Blue Mountains, Melbourne & Brisbane.
2005 Sept/Oct - Patrick teaches SKHM on his second trip to Australia, holding classes at North Sydney, Melbourne & Perth.
2005 Dec - Patrick holds SKHM Courses in Brazil.

Seichim or Seichem or Sekhem

Origins: Patrick Ziegler
Seichim  - a  system developed by Patrick Ziegler M. Arch, C.M.T. M.H. RM, using symbols and procedures, which he re-discovered in Egypt. The tradition includes multiple levels and symbols, and personal growth work. The system tends to produce offshoots of itself, and newer channelled symbols as each particpant discovers the energy working internally. Patrick has since moved on to create the SKHM All Love energy system, which is one which uses meditation and reflection to access the energy, under the guidance of a SKHM Teacher. This energy is the core energy of the original Seichim system developed by Patrick. The recent history of Reiki-Seichem shows that both Tera Mai and Karuna forms of Reiki flowed from this system.
Patrick rediscovered Seichim and at later date learnt Reiki. He taught this new system to T’om Seaman, and Seaman came up with a number of symbols, many of which Patrick rejected. Later, T'om Seaman attuned Phoenix Summerfield (also known as Kathleen McMaster). Patrick Zeigler, Tom Seaman, and Phoenix Summerfield were friends, and worked together for short periods of time. Phoenix taught Marsha Burack, who taught Gary Jirauch, and she also taught Helen Belot, of Australia, who developed her own school of Sekhem with a focus on Sekhmet. Patrick Zeigler, himself, has never condemned the changes, or additions, to Seichim. The Seven Facets were developed by Phoenix Summerfield over a period of several years. T-Om Seaman also developed a multilevel system that was separate from Phoenix which he also called Renegade Reiki.

Spellings of the word differ: it is spelt Seichim, Sekhem, SKHM, and Seichem. From the early history of Seichim, those involved have elaborated on the basic theme, each in her or his own individual way, creating the various "schools" of  Seichim/Seichem/Sekhem/SKHM. There are a few definitions of the word Seichim, but it always means Power in a spiritual manner, Might, The Natural Force, Vital Force, Vital Force Of Men, or any Spiritual Power or Psychic Force, Place of the Gods, God of the Altar or Habitat of the Gods, Place of Power.

It is commonly said that Seichim is of a different vibrational frequency than Reiki. The first three of the seven facets of Seichim are equivalent to the levels of Reiki and use the same symbols. Thus, Facets Four through Seven might be said to be of a higher vibration. Even in Reiki it is said that, with each successive attunement, the ability to channel more, or higher vibrational, energy increases. As Seichim is the first or second series of attunements which many people receive, this fact might easily be missed or overlooked.

The following covers 3 distinct versions of Seichim Reiki most of these systems teach and attune into all the Usui traditional Reiki symbols as well as additional symbols.

The first style of Seichim is very close to the Traditional Usui Reiki. (Lineage Patrick Zeigler) 
First Facet is taught like traditional Usui Reiki: 4 attunements.
Second Facet has 2 attunements; teaches 3 traditional symbols and several variations on the power symbol, distance healing and mental/emotional balancing.
Master Facet 1 attunement; 1 symbol, teaches how to attune to 3 levels.
Fourth Facet 1 attunement; additional symbols, attunements for animals and inanimate objects.
Fifth Facet 1 attunement; additional symbols, personal empowerment attunement.

The second style of Seichim has a strong Egyptian feel (Lineage Patrick Zeigler - Phoenix Summerfield - Marsha Burack...) it has 2 facets with 11 steps to each facet, and 4 levels. Each facet has initiations and contains references to Sekhmet.
Pre-requisite: Reiki II
First Level is called Seichem Adept; 2 initiations;
Second Level is called Seichem Master/Teacher; 1 initiation, teaches 9 symbols, how to do the initiations and other information.

The third style of Seichim is Tibetan in feel (Lineage Curtis Hakeem) with new symbols and understandings at each level.
The first level, 1 initiation, hand positions.
Second Level, 1 initiation, 3 symbols (names, meanings and use) and a distance or absentee healing technique
Third Level, 1 initiation, 13 symbols 7 hot, and 6 cold. The symbols are letters and names of the Tibetan alphabet. A treatment is also taught utilizing all 13 symbols it is not hands-on, rather for about 45 minutes the person stands while the Seichim Practitioner dances the symbols into the aura. During the process one feels very much like they are merging with the earth.

Tera Mai Seichem (see further down the page)- Karuna (go to A to K Section) - Sekhem (see further down page) 

Newlife Reiki Seichim (go to L to R Section)

Sun Li Chung Reiki
LINEAGE: Yosef Sharon
ORIGIN: This system comes out of Israel. Yosef Sharon developed it and says "Sun Li Chung Reiki has all the systems and all the symbols in all the dimensions. Most of the knowledge I got by channeling. At first from Mikao Usui himself, till the cosmic level, and then from the council of nine, and later from the Brotherhood of Light, the Peladian council, and the crystal council." Yosef has not been attuned by a Reiki Master, rather he claims to have received all the attunements and information from his guides. The symbols are said to be put into your aura, but none are actually given. Rather it is claimed that they come to the practitioner/master as needed.
DEGREES: 5 degrees; thousands of symbols.
Reiki I: No symbols given, hands-on treatment taught, class length 6, 3 hour days. Said to be attuned to the energy in all 16 levels of reiki.
Reiki II: 1,600 symbols (100 in each of the 16 levels), connection to guides, channeling, treatment with guides, class length 12, 3 hour days.
Reiki III/Master: 4,800 symbols (300 in each of the 16 levels), attunements from guides only, mental, emotional and spiritual surgery, working with energetic complements, detachments of complements, and attachment of healthy complements, meditation and the colors of Reiki, class length 12, 4 hour days.
Reiki IV/Master: no descriptions given.
Reiki Grand Master is said to be passed only to one person who will take over Yosef's roll or be his heir.

Tara Reiki (Tara means Kwan Yin)
LINEAGE: Usui/Tibetan Kwan Yin Reiki - a Usui/Tibetan system which includes a focus on Kwan Yin, the Chinese goddess as a spirit guide, known in Tibet as Tara, having roots in India as well. There are meditative practices focusing on Kwan Yin as a specific spirit guide, as well as the Usui/Tibetan symbols and procedures. This may be closer to Tibetan Reiki than Usui/Tibetan Reiki, since it focuses on Kwan Yin (Tara in Tibet).

Our Philosophy and Mission Statement:
To transfer amongst the spiritual seekers who are awakening at this historic transitional time the knowledge of spiritually founded scientific techniques and wisdom needed to help them attain direct personal experience of the Divine.

To invite and re-establish the presence of the Divine Feminine aspect of the Godhead in the hearts and minds of the human race. Only through firmly establishing the presence of the Divine Mother and the Goddess on the Earth again will we be able to live life from a gentle and nurturing position.

To teach that the purpose of life is to help fulfill the Original Desire of the Purposiveness of the Godhead which utilizes evolution as it's tool.

To reveal the complete harmony and oneness as taught in all of the world's true religions and philosophies. The message of Love of Jesus, the message of becoming a spiritual warrior of Krisna, the message of eliminating suffering of Buddha. All of the truths shared by our great masters and teachers of the past have a common scientific foundation which is our goal to identify and teach.

To point out that the one divine goal to which all paths of true religions and philosophies eventually lead is to devotional meditation on and service to God. To this end we advocate replacing personal desire with Divine Desire to move powerfully into life to become an awakened Channel. To dedicate our work to helping others become these powerful Channels.

Through Spiritual Healing, the healing of the "One" great disease, Ignorance, physical disease and mental inharmony will vanish. To encourage "simple living and inspired thinking" to build a common bond amongst all people.

To demonstrate the superiority of mind over body and of soul over mind.

To overcome evil by doing good, to overcome sorrow by living joyfully, by eliminating cruelty by expressing loving kindness and by banishing ignorance through the acquisition of true wisdom.

To unite science and religious thinking through the realization of the unity of their common underlying principles.

To teach others how to serve humankind through daily and permanent expression as one's higher Self.

These are the prinicples upon which The World Center for Tara Reiki has been founded and the principles which I will share with all people who come here for solice or to gain strength to serve others. To these wonderful goals I dedicate the remainder of my life. Dedicated To The Discovery Of Your Soul's Purpose, Director, World Center for Tara Reiki email: morningstar@tara-reiki.org

Tera-Mai Reiki and Tera-Mai Seichem
LINEAGE: Usui - Hayashi - Takata - Ishikuro - Robertson - Rick & Emma Ferguson, Margarette L. Shelton - Kathleen Ann Milner.
ORIGIN: Kathleen originally learned the Raku Kei Reiki system up to Master level and also Seichim up to Master level. Firstly she taught the Tera-Mai system as just plain Reiki. Later she was guided to call the system Tera-Mai Reiki and Seichem which includes energy activations of Sakara (Fire), Angeliclight (Air) and Sophi-el (Water). Kathleen says that Reiki is Earth energies and Tera-Mai Seichem is Fire, Air & Water energies.  The four basic symbols taught in most Reiki schools are included and the added symbols given to Kathleen by the higher being which are Harth & Zonar (taught in Reiki II) & Halu (taught in Reiki Master class). In her experience with the higher being she was given the information on how to include and 3 new symbols - Harth, Zonar & Halu into the Reiki attunements and training. 

The Tera-Mai Seichem is different to the other forms of Seichim, Sekhem etc. When Kathleen was given the Sakara, Angeliclight and Sophi-el she realised that what she was given was the similar to the energies of the Seichim which she already used however the symbols and means of passing the Seichem energy is different to what is taught in other Seichim lines. With the combination of Sakara, Angeliclight, and Sophi-el the energy vibration becomes higher and takes on a golden quality.

Tera-Mai Reiki and Tera-Mai Seichem can be taught in separate classes. There is a difference between the Reiki and Seichem attunements, however there is an attunement in which both Reiki and Seichem can be passed on at the same time. If they are taught separately then Reiki Mastership must be reached before going on to learn Seichem Mastership.
DEGREES: 3 degrees or can be taught as 3 degrees for Reiki and 3 degrees for Seichem.

Tera-Mai Reiki-Seichem - First Degree: 1 initiation; teaches Reiki history, Usui precepts, hand positions for self and others. Receives The Violet Flame Attunement. 

Tera-Mai Reiki-Seichem - Second Degree: 1 initiation; teaches the 3 traditional Reiki symbols, 2 symbols from the higher being and other symbols (names, meaning and usage), distance/absentee healing. Receives The Yod Attunement.

Tera-Mai Reiki-Seichem Mastership: 1 initiation, Order of Melchizadek Initiation. Symbols - teaches 1 traditional, 1 symbol from the great being which is an initiatory symbol, 2 symbols for YOD, 1symbol for Violet Flame. Learns the combination of breathing, contractions and colour sequence to pass on the Reiki-Seichem attunements and the sequence on how to pass on the YOD initiation; Violet Flame Attunement and Order of Melchizadek.

Kathleen asks that all those who are taught up to Tera-Mai Reiki or Seichem Master be given a registration form to be filled out and returned to her. One of the requirements in her registration form is that the Tera-Mai Reiki or Seichem Master does not learn or be attuned to or teach any other Reiki, Seichem or healing systems while they are teaching Tera-Mai. Kathleen has trademarked the name Tera-Mai so if you learn her system and also want to learn and/or teach any other Reiki or healing energy systems at the same time than you cannot continue to use the name Tera-Mai. 

Kathleen Milner website http://www.kathleenmilner.com/Tera_Mai.htm

The Radiance Technique
LINEAGE: Usui - Hayashi - Takata - Dr Barbara Ray...
ORIGIN: Originally Dr Ray taught Reiki in 3 degrees; she also claimed that Takata gave her more of the keys to Mastership than any other of her students. In 1980 Dr Ray and Takata founded The American Reiki Association Inc today it is called The Radiance Technique International Association Inc. (TRTIA). In her 1983 first edition of "The Reiki Factor" there is no mention of the Radiance Technique or Real Reiki. Shortly after publication of this book Dr Ray began to claim that Reiki was polluted and changed the name of what she taught to The Radiance Technique, Authentic Reiki, Real Reiki.
DEGREES: Barbara Ray teaches 7 levels. The Radiance Technique is similar in form to Usui, and Raku Kei.

First Degree: 4 attunements; teaches history, precepts/principles, hand positions. Second Degree: 1 attunement: teaches, distance healing technique, and 3 traditional symbols. Dr Ray does not give the sacred names for the symbols in second degree instead she calls them; Cosmic Pattern 1 (power symbol), Cosmic Pattern 4 (mental/emotional symbol) and Cosmic Pattern 22 (distance symbol).

Later in higher degrees she gives the sacred Japanese names (mantras) for the symbols. Her symbols are identical to the ones that Rand teaches (as far as we know, all the way up to 7th degree), but she gives several extra symbols that Rand does not. The attunement process is slightly different from others in form, it is similar to attunements taught in one branch of Seichim. A technique to empower the breath is taught which is nothing like the techniques above. From all we know about The Radiance Technique, Dr. Ray does have/give more symbols then Phyllis (Takata's granddaughter), maybe she got them from research or maybe from Takata. In Radiance, Third Degree can teach: first and second degrees; Fourth Degree can teach: first, second and third; Fifth Degree can teach the addition of fourth; Sixth Degree teaches fifth and Seventh Degree can teach every level. Dr. Ray only teaches the higher degrees now.

The Radiance Technique Association International Inc, website: http://www.trtia.org, The Radiance Technique International Association, Inc. (TRTIA)
St. Petersburg, FL USA  Dr. Barbara Ray, Founder

Tibetan Reiki
LINEAGE: One lineage claims: Tschen Li, Ralph White, Craig Ellis..
ORIGIN: This lineage claims that Tschen Li taught Dr. Usui and Ralph White brought Reiki to the US.
DEGREES: There are at least 3 distinct ways that Tibetan Reiki is taught.
The first way of teaching is usually taught Level 1 through to Mastership in one course: 1 attunement; teaches 4 traditional symbols and 15 non-traditional symbols. The symbols in this course are not Tibetan in nature or form and they do not have Tibetan names. Some of them are Egyptian in form and name, some just archetypal symbols. Teaches how to attune to the system, breathing techniques which are essentially yogic breathing, and cabalistic information.
The second way of teaching is in 5 levels. Training is said to include: the Tibetan concept of the five elements in relation to initiation, purification and healing; 25 symbols, Meridian Therapy, information on the energetic body including 8 wondrous channels, micro/ macrocosmic orbit, psychic pathways and etheric template expansion; distant healing, psychic surgery, trauma release, self-empowerment, and clearing the emotional body; 1 attunement at each level.
The third way of teaching is the same teachings given in Usui/Tibetan but called Tibetan Reiki.

Tummo Rei Ki
LINEAGE: Mr. Irmansyah Effendi (He learnt Usui Rei Ki from an American Rei Ki Master up to Master level. Then he learnt Tibetan Rei Ki from a wanderer Tibetan priest up to master level).
ORIGIN: Although there are several traditions calling themselves Tibetan, Tibet/Usui or gTUMMO, the most ancient and complete Tibetan tradition is thought to be Tummo Rei Ki. This tradition is very different from other Usui based Rei Ki traditions. As an ancient and sacred spiritual technique, which is believed to have been taught by Buddha as the way to achieve enlightenment within one lifetime, Tummo Rei Ki also has the potential superiority in awakening Kundalini and aids the cleansing and purification processes of Kundalini thus giving consciousness expansion for the practitioners.

While all Usui based traditions deal with healing, the TUMMO tradition may also bring about a very powerful spiritual understanding above and beyond the healing aspects of Rei Ki. During the second-degree attunement the Tummo Rei Ki master awakens the student's kundalini. Kundalini awakening normally takes many years of serious practice. Kundalini awakening by Tummo Rei Ki is very safe. The sushumna, the main energy channel that runs from the base chakra to the crown chakra, is completely opened. This prevents pressure from building-up because the kundalini energy can easily be released through crown chakra. Every time a practitioner channels Rei Ki energy, they automatically practice their Kundalini.

Furthermore, the cleansing process done by Kundalini on a practitioner's chakras and energy channels will in turn improve the quality of Rei Ki energy channeling capability. By means of Tummo technique, Kundalini and Rei Ki energy are harmonised and work in synergy to promote your spiritual healing capability and spiritual evolution towards enlightenment

During attunement a Rei Ki Master opens a student's chakras (energy centres) to enable the student to channel divine energy simply by having the intention to do so.

Tummo Rei Ki Grand Master is Mr. Irmansyah Effendi who held a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics at the age of 20 from California State University with Magna Cum Laude and Honor. He held a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence at the age of 21 from the same university. His spiritual journey started when he joined Rosicrucian Order at the age of 18. At the age of 22 his Kundalini was awakened spontaneously after practicing intensive daily meditation. He learnt Usui Rei Ki from an American Rei Ki Master up to Master level. Then he learnt Tibetan Rei Ki from a wanderer Tibetan priest up to master level.

He never went to India, Tibet or other special places to learn spirituality. Most of his spiritual knowledge and technique (include Tummo Rei Ki and Shing Chi) were obtained when his Kundalini is flowing fully to his crown chakra. This achievement opens the cosmic stage and brings him to meet many spiritual teachers non-physically.

A Rei Ki workshop is normally a one-day workshop. It involves theory, attunement, practice and discussion. This combination gives a student a solid understanding of Rei Ki. The attunement alone is insufficient for a student to become proficient in the practice and use of Rei Ki energy.

Tummo Rei Ki is a very unique and special Rei Ki that awakens the attunees Kundalini in its second degree attunement. The blissful Kundalini awakening is done via shaktipat technique in level II attunement. The result of this is blissful, gentle yet instant Kundalini awakening exceeds the serious traditional practice that has been done for many years. Moreover it is very very safe.

By having our Kundalini awakened perfectly, our Rei Ki channeling capability will be greatly improved since Kundalini energy will cleanse our chakras and energy channels even further.

While all Usui based traditions deal with healing, the Tummo tradition may also brings about a very powerful spiritual understanding above and beyond the healing aspects of Rei Ki. Spiritually Tummo Rei Ki is believed to have been taught by Buddha as the way to achieve enlightenment within one lifetime.

Note: The term awakening Kundalini may have different understanding. In Tummo Rei Ki definition, Kundalini awakening means:

  1. Open Crown chakra, as the exit of Kundalini energy and pressure, and connect your self to the divine universe Rei Ki energy that enters your self through your crown chakra;
  2. Open fully the sushumna, main energy channel, from the perineum to crown chakra thus prevents pressure from building up.
  3. Break the Brahma Node, the node of Base chakra, and ignite the Kundalini fire with its height at least as high as your navel chakra;
  4. Connect your self to the Earth Energy that will function as Kundalini fuel in addition to the divine Rei Ki energy;

Tummo Rei Ki Level 1: (Compulsory for all students regardless of the Rei Ki tradition they have learned previously). Main objective: Instant capability to channel Rei Ki Divine Energy simply by the intention to do so, Kundalini Activation and preparation for Kundalini awakening in Level II Pre-requisite: NO pre-requisite. Attunement objective: open crown, heart and palm chakras, cleanse all sushumna, create hand energy channel, connect the attunee to the earth's core energy, synchronise attune energy to the divine Rei Ki energy.

Tummo Rei Ki Level 2: Main objective: Instantaneous capability to use Rei Ki energy at middle level by means of Rei Ki symbols and instant, safe and gentle Kundalini awakening. Pre-requisite: Tummo Rei Ki Level l and having practiced the self-healing technique at least 1 time. Attunement objective: enhance Tummo Rei Ki level 1 attunement result, open ajna chakra to facilitate clairvoyant capability in seeing subtle energy, open all sushumna channel completely, enhance the connection quality between the attune and earth's core energy as well as the divine Rei Ki energy, giving the capability to the attune to use all Rei Ki symbols, awaken attune Kundalini instantly, safely, and gently with the Kundalini fire at least reaches attune navel chakra. Symbols taught are the three basic symbols taught in nearly all Reiki II classes plus 5 other symbols (includes Raku & Fire Serpent).

Tummo Rei Ki Level 3A: (Personal Mastery): Main Objective: Be able to use Rei Ki limitlessly and develop all major chakras. Pre-requisite: Tummo Level 2 and having practiced for at least 30 days and pass evaluation test. Attunement objective: enhance Tummo Rei Ki level 2 attunement result, open other major chakras (throat, navel, sacral and base chakras), uncoil more Kundalini rolls with the Kundalini fire reaches at least heart chakra, open Shing Chi 8th chakra as a bonus. Teaches a Tibetan Reiki Master Symbol similar to what is taught by William Rand and a violet breath sequence.

Meditation: Main Objective: To know the true goal of meditation and be able to do meditation correctly. Pre-requisite: Tummo Level 2 Material: Meditation Theory, Pineal Gland Activation, Body Layers Meditation, Meditation to help us develop our crown and heart chakras and make us the energy channel of the universe.

NOTE: The result of Pineal Gland Activation is comparable to many years of serious meditation practice

Kundalini 1: Main Objective: To master the techniques to be used during cleansing process of Kundalini Pre-requisite: Tummo Level 2 Material: Improved Tummo Meditation + Broccoli Technique, Cleanse and Strengthen Aura and Nadi, Widen the Sushumna, Cleanse Ida and Pinggala, Pump and Boost Kundalini Energy, Raise Kundalini Fire up to Crown Chakra by means of The A symbol, Raise Kundalini Core up to Navel Chakra.

Mr Irmansyah Effendi lives in Perth Western Australia and is the founder and head of the Padmajaya Foundation, he originally comes from Indonesia. Tummo Reiki is spreading steadly through Australia and has a strong following in Indonesia and around the world.  Padmajaya Foundation Website: http://www.padmajaya.com/

Usui-Do (Traditional Japanese Reiki)
Usui-do does not hold the belief that an attunement can pass on a lineage; attunements are simply ceremonies. The ability to practice and pass on the system is inherent in every human being and has nothing to do with the use of (or knowledge of) any symbol, attunement, mantra or mudra. The system has no 'masters' and no concept of a 'grand master' or 'lineagebearer'.
ANCESTRY: Both Dave King and Melissa Riggall (deceased) claim the following ancestry by training: First Connection: Mikao Usui, Toshihiro Eguchi, Yuji Onuki (Agadir, Morocco - 1971). TJR: Mikao Usui, Chuujirou Hayashi, Tatsumi (Japan-1995). Dave has also attended a workshop in the Vortex Reiki system of Toshitaka Mochizuki in Japan (1995) as well as several Western variants.
ORIGIN: Most of this information originates directly from Yuji Onuki Sr., who studied with Usui's student Eguchi in 1971 and from one of Chuujirou Hayashi's students, Tatsumi, who died in 1996 at an age of over 90 years. This information does not originate from Mrs. Takata, any of the Western lineages or with the Usui Gakkai. The system has no connection whatsoever with Indo-Tibetan energy work or Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. The whole system is driven solely by the intent of the practitioner who has at his/her disposal a number of 'tools' that affect the way the energy is directed. The original purpose of the Usui healing system was to heal the whole person (body, mind and spirit). It treats the SELF but may be used to treat others through the self.
DEGREES:There are seven levels of achievement. Levels are named in the same manner as the rankings of Japanese martial arts:
Sho-dan: (7 transformations, 3 symbols) each student is reminded of their connection to the system by means of four 'connecting transformations' or 'attunements'. These provide a complete connection and are a fundamental part of the process. The workshop focuses on the self. This level approximates to the combined Western First and Second Degrees (shoden and okuden).
Ni-dan: (1 transformation, 1 symbol) This level contains material not contained in the Western Reiki systems. It does contain some of the material given out at the "master" level of the Reiki Alliance and in "level 3A" of the Reiki Training Center in Michigan. This level concentrates on self empowerment and requires a good practical understanding of the Sho-dan level.
San-dan; Yon-dan; Go-dan; Roku-dan; Shichi-dan: These levels take the form of an apprenticeship to those students showing promise during earlier levels. A holder of Go-dan (5th dan) may teach up to Ni-dan. To train a teacher requires Roku-dan (6th dan) or higher. Shichi-dan is also known as shinpi-dan.
Usui-do (Traditional Japanese Reiki Association) website http://www.usui-do.org/

Usui Shiki Ryoho
LINEAGE: Usui - Hayashi - Takata....
Here are the Master Level students taught by Mrs. Takata: Beth Gray, Ursula Baylow, Barbara McCullough, George Araki, Iris Ishikuro, Fran Brown, Barbara Weber-Ray, Ethel Lombardi, Wanja Twan, Virginia Samdahl, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Dorothy Baba, Mary McFadyen, John Gray, Barbara Brown, Shinobu Saito, Harry Kuboi, Patricia Bowling-Ewing, Bethel Phaigh, Rick Brockner, Paul Mitchell and Kay Yamashita, Takata’s sister.
ORIGIN: It is said that Usui Shiki Ryoho holds true to what was taught by Takata. Most Reiki Alliance Masters teach Traditional Reiki.
DEGREES : 3 degrees are taught. Traditional Reiki is usually taught orally with little or no notes given.
First Degree: 4 attunements; teaches the history, precepts, a series of hand positions and disease cause/effect and treatment.
Second Degree: one or two attunements; teaches 3 symbols (names, meanings and how to use them), a distance/absentee healing technique and a mental/emotional balancing technique.
Mastership Degree: 1 attunement; teaches 1 additional symbol (name, meaning and
how to use), how to do first, second and master initiations, a breath empowerment technique and other things.
Contact: The Reiki Alliance website: http://www.reikialliance.com/  The Reiki Alliance, Cataldo, USA, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Grand Master

Usui/Tibetan Reiki
LINEAGE: Usui - Hayashi - Takata - Furumoto - Carrell Ann Farmer - Leah Smith - William Rand. William has also taken Reiki from Diane McCumber (Raku Kei lineage), Marlene Schilke, Beth Gray, Harry Kuboi, Bethel Phaigh and Phyllis Furumoto.
ORIGIN: Usui/Tibetan Reiki is a Reiki system which uses several additional symbols beyond the Usui system. William Rand RM refers to his Reiki I, II, and RM this way. Mr Rand was influenced by both Seichim and Tera-Mai in his creation of this system. It should not be confused with Tibetan Reiki, which is another system. Other Reiki Masters have also used the term "Usui/Tibetan" and the set of symbols, or sets of symbols which include most of them. In fact, some Reiki Masters tend to refer to any Reiki tradition which is not Traditional Usui Reiki this way.
DEGREES: 4 degrees:
First and Second Degree: taught together in one class: 2 attunements; teaches the history, precepts, hand positions, 3 traditional symbols (names, meanings and use), and a distance healing technique.
Advanced Reiki Training (ART): 1 attunement: teaches 1 additional traditional symbol (meaning and usage), a different possible history of Reiki, Reiki Meditation, The Reiki Grid, Attunement exercise,and Psychic Surgery.
Master/Teacher Degree: 1 attunement: teaches about the healing crisis, Reiki III Meditation (using microcosmic orbit), 2 Tibetan initiatory symbols, attunement exercise, attunement methods (Raku Kei like) to First, Second, ART and Master/Teacher plus a Healing Attunement, Distance and self attunement; Violet Breath Technique, gives 4 variations of the Antahkarana symbol with description and usage. CEU's are available for nurses through the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) and for massage therapists, body workers and athletic trainers through The National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).
The International Center for Reiki Training website: http://www.reiki.org Southfield, MI, William Rand, Reiki Master

Vajra Reiki
LINEAGE: Wade Ryan...
ORIGIN: Originally came from Jorei Reiki. Vajra Reiki was founded, named and trademarked by Wade Ryan who revised the Johrei Reiki system and created this hotter, more focussed, and "coarser" energy which seems to effectively address the more catastrophic bacteria and viruses which are appearing on the planet at this time. Wade was initiated into the Vajra Reiki Master Mantra as well as the Om-Ah-Hum Symbol/Mantra in India, in the 1970’s; he also trained in ChakrAgni Tattva Vidya. He believes this training in conjunction with Robertson/Ishikuru’s revision's combining the Johrei Energy with Usui Reiki created an energy melieu, which set the groundwork for the manifestation of the Vajra Reiki energy.
DEGREES:Includes 3 levels:
1) Shokuden(comparable to Levels I and II in Usui Reiki)-three Attunements, and four symbols. This empowers the Practitioner to give a treatment to self and others, both "hands-on" and absentee. Due to the complexity of the Vajra Reiki energy 7 system, this level of Vajra Reiki is only available to Usui Level II - or higher - Practitioners. There is a specific Sanatana-dharmic ("Hindu") Mantra given, which connects the Practitioner with their Vajra Reiki Master - a manifestation of Avalokiteshvara (not the student’s instructor). The Vajra Reiki hand positions actually reverse the polarity of the recipient, while covering the entire body. This is an important facet of a Vajra Reiki Treatment.
(Note: Raku Kei Reiki also claims that the poliarity of the body is reversed by use of the "Master Frequency Generator Plate" and a treatment which covers the entire body is done in many other Reiki systems).
2) Shinpiden(Master Practitionership)–is attained after one year or longer experience in Vajra Reiki Shokuden. An additional Attunement is passed, which expands the Vajra Symbol-energy. The Shinpiden is empowered to teach Vajra Reiki Shokudens. There is a "Master Exercise" which is required, in order to maintain the integrity of the Master’s subtle body energy system - as well as to ensure safe, consistent attunements.
3) Vajra Raku-Kei Reiki Master. (This term is also trademarked to differentiate it from "Raku-Kei Reiki"). The student is initiated into the Vajrayana Om-Ah-Hum Mantra/Symbol–and there is a Meditation involved, which must be consistently practiced at this level of attainment. A final Attunement into the Param Agni Symbol Energy is given. The Vajra Raku-Kei Reiki Master is empowered to teach and attune all levels of Vajra Reiki. This level is only available to Vajra Shinpidens with a minimum of one year experience. This system is taught by Wade and other Vajra Raku-Kei Reiki Masters.

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