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Lightarian Reiki
LINEAGE: Jeanine Marie Jelm
ORIGINS: A Reiki system recently evolved by Jeanine Marie Jelm in 1997. It consists of 6 additional levels of Mastery beyond Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master. (Usui and Karuna each provide one level Lightarian provides even higher levels of energy vibration.). Symbols are not used, and intent is essential. The system is involved in healing and in raising human consciousness and global awareness.

Lightarian Reiki has been brought forth from Ascended Master Buddha at this time to awaken humanity to six higher vibrational bands of Reiki energies that have long been unavailable to us. These six higher bands, which we call the Lightarian bands of the Reiki spectrum, have been adapted through our effective teaching and attuning process into just four training levels...with an emphasis on simplicity...no symbols are required. Each of these four levels has its own training, attunement and certification process.

This higher vibrational system of Reiki was channeled and developed by Jeannine Marie Jelm in mid-1997 based on her intuitive and direct communications with the energies of Ascended Master Buddha. This inspired work was subsequently refined, clarified and brought forth as Lightarian Reiki. During numerous channeling sessions, Ascended Master Buddha requested that Jeannine bring forth new levels of information about Reiki in order to clarify, demystify and expand Reiki for humanity at this time. He asked her to share this new information and these advanced healing energies with others and to spread this healing modality via a simple attunement process.

The emphasis in the Lightarian system of Reiki is on energetic purity, simplicity, ease of delivering the healing energies during a treatment and the creation of dramatic healing results. Regarding simplicity, the healing work and the training/attunement process for Lightarian Reiki are very direct and very simple. Based on Ascended Master Buddha's desire, no symbols are required for Lightarian Reiki. An important aspect of this work is the use of clear intentions when delivering the Lightarian Reiki healing energies to clients and while passing on attunements to students.

It is taught in Reiki Master levels I - VI (attunements - I+II, III, IV, V+VI).

Prerequisites for becoming a Lightarian Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner: You must be a Usui-based Reiki Master. Also, you must be a Karuna Reiki Master however, in lieu of Karuna, you can receive our simple Lightarian Buddhic Boost attunement as energetic preparation for getting started in the Lightarian Reiki Program.

The four levels of the Lightarian Reiki energies The six vibrational bands of Lightarian Reiki have been organized into just four training levels. These levels are called Lightarian Reiki I & II, III, IV and V & VI.

In Level I & II, the majority of the principles of Lightarian Reiki are taught and your initial Lightarian attunement with Ascended Master Buddha is delivered. This first training/attunement prepares you vibrationally to receive the attunements in the three higher levels.

The three advanced attunements are about progressively "stepping up" your energies into higher vibrational levels within the Reiki spectrum, connecting you into higher aspects of the Buddhic energies. No formal training is required for these levels. During the advanced attunements, an introduction and permanent connection is made with a different supportive energy to assist in creating an expansion of the healing work and to enhance the healing process. A comprehensive training manual is provided in advance for student self-study.

Lightarian I & II can be done in-person, by telephone (student to cover phone charges) or optionally by E-mail for international students, in lieu of training via telephone. The attunement for Level I & II is in the form of a simple guided meditation and can be delivered in-person, by telephone or via remote. A Master Teacher/Practitioner Certificate is provided upon completion of the training session and attunement.

Lightarian Reiki III you are "introduced" to Gaia, the Earth Mother, whose energies will be available as a "healing platform" for your personal healing process and your treatments with clients.

In Level IV , you receive the loving and powerful overlighting "umbrella-like" effects of special healing energies of the Godhead.

In Lightarian Reiki V & VI , another supportive healing energy is introduced, that of Ascended Master Sananda. He joins with Ascended Master Buddha, Gaia and the Godhead to create what we call the Divine Healing Chamber. This unique and powerful healing tool, the Divine Healing Chamber, is then available to you for your work with clients as well as for yourself.

Lightarian Reiki III, IV and V&VI - At each of these higher levels, a supplemental training manual is provided in advance for self-study. No formal training time is required. These levels involve only an attunement to be delivered remotely or by telephone. Again, a Master Teacher/Practitioner Certificate is provided upon completion of each attunement.

An approximate 30-day waiting period between receiving each of the four Lightarian Reiki training/attunements is recommended.

Lightarian Buddhic Boost - For Usui-based Reiki Masters who have not had Karuna Reiki training, your first step would be to receive the Buddhic Boost as a prerequisite for beginning Lightarian Reiki. The Boost is a simple attunement received remotely without any training involved and is designed to prepare you vibrationally for receiving the Lightarian Reiki I & II Training/Attunement. Approximately 30 days after receiving the Boost, you would be ready to receive Lightarian Reiki I & II. Please note that the "Buddhic Boost" attunement is only given to those who are committed to taking Lightarian Reiki I & II.

Contact Jeannine Marie Jelm, Lightarian Reiki is a trademark of the Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation. Karuna® Reiki is a registered trademark of the Center for Reiki Training Website: http://www.lightarian.com/aboutus.htm

Mackenzie Clay
Australian Reiki Master early 1990's added extra symbols into his Reiki classes.  Mackenzie Clay had a strong influence in the early days of Reiki in Australia, at the time he was classed as a rebel, he is the author of  The Challenge to Teach Reiki, One Step Forward for Reiki & The Hidden Wisdom within Numbers, all published in 1992. Mackenzie said he was originally taught in the Radiance Technique and also through the Reiki Alliance. He is credited with introducing the Tamarasha (A Kofutu symbol) as pictured in his book The Challenge to Teach Reiki into the Reiki system in Australia. Tamarasha has found its way into other Reiki systems taught in Australia ie some Karuna, Usui/Tibetan.  Atlantis Rising NSW, Australia, contacted William Rand about this symbol some years ago and he doesn't know anything about it and does not teach it in his classes.

Excerpts from The Challenge to Teach Reiki  - "Tam-a-ra-sha - The Spiritual/Material/Physical Connection. A healing cable through which healing energy is transmitted to the student (or to another person). Instruction in the effective use of this Kofutu symbol is strongly recommended. Zoh-va - Absent Healing - concentrate and send the message "I shall always be inside the eternal present". The intermingling and energising of an element subconsciously amounts to an attunement. Reflect that this is the same vibration as that of energy. Instruction in the effective use of this Kofutu symbol is strongly recommended."

Mackenzie taught Reiki similar to what you would find in most Reiki classes. The Four Usui symbols were taught and he added two Kofutu symbols - Tamarasha & Zoh-va.

In Reiki I he taught hand positions stressing treating from the feet upwards and proper grounding techniques plus he taught the Power Symbol.

In Reiki II he taught the Emotional Mental Symbol and Distant Healing symbol plus Zoh-va (an Absent Healing Symbol) and Tamarasha for grounding he also taught Distant Healing Methods and Energy Chelation a form of energy balancing which charges and clears the aura.

Reiki Master Level he taught the Master symbol and how to pass on the attunements and another symbol called "The Reiki Master's Shaft" pictured in his book "One Step Forward for Reiki".

In 1993 he channelled a different way of drawing the Emotional Mental Healing symbol in which two of this symbol are drawn upside down, strangely enough this appears in Diane Stein’s book "Essential Reiki A Complete Guide To an Ancient Healing Art" - Mackenzie said it produces left/right brain integration.

Mackenzie held a very strong view that Dr Usui, the original discoverer of Reiki, would gladly welcome anything that enhances the hands-on healing potential of Reiki.

He later introduced a system called "Reiki Majick" which has a range of different symbols which are designed to help the individual raise his or her level of energy and thus to be fitter physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Through his efforts Reiki became affordable to the general community in Australia and he trained many Independent Reiki Master Teachers dedicated to spreading the benefits of this wonderful energy.

Mackenzie Clay passed away peacefully after a long illness in Merimbula, Australia on Monday August 18th 2003.

The History of Kofutu as told by Frank Homan
(Founder of the Kofutu Personal Growth for Spiritual Healing)
On ancient Atlantis, the Kamuri Priesthood consisted of students and masters dedicated to the re-spiritualization of this planet after the chaos caused by the great spiritual cataclysm in the time before "creation". One of these devotees was the student, Tanra Samati Tamarasha, who began his first steps on the path of the light in this powerful, mystical priesthood know as Kamuri.

The Kamuri Priesthood had developed a system of study of intellectual and spiritual development called Mantura. The Mantura system had twelve general area of study, one of which was Kofutu. Kofutu was a system developed to facilitate spiritual healing and inner growth. Tanra Samati Tamarasha mastered the techniques of Kofutu, and attained the tenth degree (level 10), thus gaining the title of Master of Kofutu. When his physical life ended in the cataclysm which destroyed Atlantis, he attained the last two degrees as a member of the spirit world. He was anointed the Master of the Kofutu System and made Keeper of the Kofutu Symbols upon attainment of the twelfth and final degree.

Since that time, the Master Tamarasha has been seeking ways to re-establish the Kofutu System on the planet. In ancient Egypt during the pre-Christian era when Egyptian power and glory was at it's height, the priest Shamatu received the ancient knowledge of Kofutu. He wrote a number of scrolls on the system, which eventually were placed in the Great Library of Alexandria. When the Library was destroyed by Arab invaders in the seventh century, the scrolls were burned and Kofutu was lost to the world.

Master Tamarasha again found receptivity in the person of Frank Homan, an accomplished student and teacher of many spiritual arts including various method of healing. The Kofutu System as presented here, has been channeled by Frank during a two-year period which has included channeling sessions with many of the other Ascended Masters as well. Among these have been the Master Jesus Christ, the Master Saint Germain (Hierarch of the Aquarian Age and Chohan of the Seventh Ray), the Master Djwahl Khul, the Master Hilarion, the Master Kuthumi and many other spiritual Masters and Teachers.

The Kofutu System of spiritual healing and development promotes the adjustment and balancing of the inner bodies in order to balance karma and promote growth of the spiritual creative faculty. This growth is necessary if a human soul is to break the ties which bind it to the physical plane. A natural result of this inner balancing can be the healing of the physical body, which only mirrors the state of the energies flowing within its subtle bodies. The main objective of Kofutu Healing is to balance the inner bodies in order to allow a person to discontinue the unconscious creation of binding karma. Through the continued study of the Kofutu System, a person can reverse their tendencies to a karmic way of life and begin the natural process of inner growth, which is necessary to release them from the confines of the planetary karmic cycle.

About Frank Homan (founder of Kofutu): Frank Homan of Minneapolis, MN, has over 20 years of experience as a spiritual healer and teacher. Throughout his life he has pursued interests in various area of growth and development including numerology, graphology, body language and healing. In theses studies he felt himself "looking for something" until, beginning in 1972, the first of the Kofutu symbols came to him in meditation. In the following nine years he received more than 86 symbols and directions for their use as separate Touch and Absent Healing systems.
(c) Frank Homan
Website: http://www.individual-growth.org/kofutu%20history.html

Mahatma Reiki
LINEAGE: Leonie Owen-Rosenberg
ORIGINS Mahatma Reiki is a marriage of a system of Reiki and the integrated energy of the "I AM Presence" called Mahatma. The marriage of the nine Reiki symbols and the opportunity available through the "I AM Presence" - Mahatma, gives you the tools to make the changes needed into this new millennium with grace.

Many of you may already be familiar with Reiki. Most of you will have been working with the Usui system, or a system based on Usui, perhaps with extra symbols. You therefore, already appreciate the wonderful gifts Reiki brings to your life in many ways. Mahatma Reiki brings all the wonderful gifts you've been experiencing plus many more. It is a frequency of divine energy for healing, whose purpose is to empower. For those of us choosing to work/live and have our "being" in the light, Mahatma Reiki gives you a profound spiritual toolkit to work with. It is a particularly integrated energy to assist you in remembering who you really are.

Reiki creates a "bridge" between our human existence and our oneness with God/Spirit the Universal Presence. By using symbols this attunement to our Godself is made, and becomes a simple and accessible tool for healing on all levels. Mahatma Reiki, allows alignment and integration in the physical, emotional and mental levels of our being, so that we can more fully access our spiritual potential. Through using this energy in your life on a daily basis you begin to realise who you really are. The word empowerment is the closest description we have to describe this experience.

Mahatma Reiki, and the nine symbols used in this system, creates the bridge for the specific healing of issues, and the empowerment necessary for the profound changes in evolution, we are going through. These changes relate not only to our issues of wholeness and relationship but now encompass opportunities such as Ascension.

This finer frequency of energy is called the monadic level and has become available to us since it was anchored for the first time ever, due to the Earth becoming fourth dimensional at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987. (Please refer to Brian Grattan's book: Mahatma 1 & 2 for greater depth of understanding.)

This Universal Healing Energy stream is dynamic in nature creating ever-expanding levels of understanding and consciousness. This is reflected in those people in the lineage who have added their creative divine spark to the ever-growing body of knowledge about this system of healing. Mahatma Reiki was believed to be connected to the systems of Reiki known as Sekhem, Seichim, Seichem and SKHM.

In 1998, Leonie Owen-Rosenberg had been practicing Reiki for 16 years and teaching Usui Reiki for over 6 years when her friend Tara, taught her 9 symbols and their attunement process, called Seichem Reiki. Tara said it was more powerful than Usui and so Leonie began to exclusively use Seichem Reiki in her treatments, while continuing to teach Usui Reiki.

It soon became apparent that these new Reiki symbols were very powerful, and so Leonie committed to teach this new system and began her research. In particular, Leonie wanted to verify the history she had been told of Phoenix Summerfield training in a Tibetan monastery for 2 years and being blessed by the Dalai Lama to introduce this form of Reiki to the West. For many months her attempts to contact others in the Seichem lineage led to frustration, yet there was always a strong faith that somehow this new system of Reiki would unfold in a powerful way. Eventually, through conversations with Tara's teacher, Victoria Schuver-Song, it became clear that this new system of Reiki could not be called Seichem.

So Leonie meditated on the symbols, while simultaneously completing a Priestess process, and integrating the profound spiritual information in Brian Grattans book "Mahatma 1 & 2." The final ritual of the Priestess process involved an emergence ceremony that took place in Sedona, Arizona. The energy of the Mahatma was anchored and confirmation of a new Reiki being birthed was given.

Still, a number of pieces in the puzzle seemed missing. Leonie felt she had not been given enough information to teach the system. One night she was guided to the computer and told that the angels and light beings, would give her the information directly. For many nights into the early hours of the morning information was given about the symbols: their frequencies and purpose and how to ground the energy so the highest spiritual energy could be used by anyone seeking this path of spiritual empowerment. Each day Leonie asked for guidance and meditated on what the name of this system was to be.

Another friend of Leonie's expressed an interest in this new Reiki when told about it. Together they meditated on the name and the symbols, as Leonie shared the emerging knowledge. In meditation one day, Leonie received confirmation that this Reiki was to be called Mahatma. Her friend received information that it was the "I Am Presence" Reiki - not knowing at the time that Mahatma is the universal mantra for this God consciousness.

Much to Leonie's delight, she was contacted by Patrick Ziegler via her web-page. Patrick had also experienced Brian Grattan's work and shared he had originally brought through the Seichim stream of energy through a direct transmission that occurred in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Patrick also gave Leonie confirmation about the dynamic nature of the Energy and introduced Leonie to Diane Shewmaker and her book- "All Love - A Guidebook for Healing with Sekhem - Seichim - Reiki and SKHM." Diane was a student of Patrick Zeigler and in her book Diane gives both an account of Seichem's history and understanding about how this dynamic Universal Energy Stream has taken on various forms as each individual has grounded the energy through their own divine, creative expression. Therefore this Universal energy has taken the form of various names and symbols as each Master in the lineage has worked with the divine inspiration they have received from this Universal Energy stream.

Leonie has been in contact with Diane Shewmaker via email, sharing information. None of the 9 Mahatma symbols are in Diane's book or are previously known to her. Leonie received inner confirmation that not only the symbols but the Mahatma energy is very distinct from all other forms of Reiki. Mahatma Reiki provides an opportunity to tap into the incredible spiritual opportunity now available to us.

Footnote: Mahatma Reiki was believed to be a part of the systems of Reiki known as Sekhem, Seichim, Seichem and SKHM. My research has shown this not to be true. It may be part of those Universal Energy streams, however, the 9 symbols in Mahatma Reiki are not part of Seichim Reiki and its various off shoots. It is very interesting to me in hindsight that Spirit should present me with 9 symbols show me through experience with clients that they were powerful, yet not verify their origins through outside sources. Had I been taught these symbols in the same way I learned Usui or the other four forms of Reiki I have studied, I would not have allowed myself the opening in which I received direct inspiration and knowing from Source. It is not necessary to take Mahatma Reiki to tap into the spiritual opportunity now available, however Mahatma Reiki provides a tangible developmental experience and connection to one's Soul that open's individuals more fully to their spiritual potential than any other system I have studied.

Mahatma Reiki 1 - In this class you will be introduced to 3 new symbols and empowered through the attunement process. The power symbol is used similarly as in Usui. The Holy Mother symbol enhances acceptance of the divine feminine within us. Whether we are male or female we are enabled to become more balanced and whole through using this symbol. The distant healing symbol is like the "love doctor". A powerful healer on the relationship level. It can help clean up messy emotional involvements and establish healthy boundaries in a loving way. You will give and receive a complete treatment, learn how to self-treat and do distant/absentee healing.

Mahatma Reiki 2 - Your next step on this exciting journey will be your further empowerment through 3 more symbols. The Abundance symbol helps one to move out of their own way to receive abundance in all aspects of life. The Christ's Light symbol can strengthen the connection to the God/Goddess light and to foster unconditional love in all circumstances. The third symbol cleanses your energy system of impurities that may act as barricades to ascension. You will also give and receive the Reiki Chakra Balancing Treatment and learn about the chakra system plus Aromatherapy.

Mahatma Reiki 3/Mastery - At Mastery level you will be introduced to 3 more symbols for a total of 9, and empowered through a greater commitment to your own mastery. The power of these symbols can bring one into Goddess/God consciousness, allowing one to see life from the eyes of the Divine. You are enabled to more fully experience your multi-dimensionality and feel compassion at all times through the opening of the soul's eye. You will also be introduced to EFT and BioGenesis tools and learn the Release & Rejuvenate Treatment, as well as psychic surgery, creating a crystal grid and much more.

Leonie Owen-Rosenberg
Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Leonie is a Licensed Massage Therapist and International Reiki/Master Teacher. In 1998, she had been practicing Usui Reiki for 16 years and teaching for 6 years. She is currently the resident Reiki Master on staff at the Centre for Well-Being at the Phoenician 5 star, 5 diamond Resort, in Scottsdale Arizona. In addition to holding degrees in elementary Education and Psychology, Leonie is trained in many forms of holistic healing. Some of these therapies include: EFT (Emotional freedom Technique), BioGenesis Tools, Hot Rock (La Stone) Massage, Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Body Wraps and Masques, Spiritual Response Therapy, Emotional Release Therapy, Polarity, and Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Through her passion for Reiki, and deep interest in healing, Leonie has developed a form of Reiki called Mahatma Reiki, for spiritual empowerment. As she continues to learn and integrate her gifts of Spirit, she facilitates this in others. She has positively effected the lives of many through teaching the four levels of Mahatma Reiki plus other healing modalities such as BioGenesis Tools and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Leonie Owen-Rosenberg, Scottsdale, AZ, USA, Website: http://http://www.mahatmareiki.com/index.shtm

LINEAGE : Usui - Hayashi - Takata - Ethel Lombardi....
ORIGIN : In 1983 like today, Reiki was going through a process of change. Masters of the system were deciding how Reiki was to be presented; some sided with Barbara Ray and some with Phyllis Furomoto. Ethel Lombardi, one of the masters initiated by Takata, rather than taking sides chose to develop her own system which she called Mari-El. Mari represents Mary, Mother of Christ, and El one of the names of God. It is said that Ethel only taught one person how to teach the system and that Mari-El is no longer being taught. An advanced student in Mari-El developed yet another system called Radiant Heart Therapy.
DEGREES: One degree with additional classes for advanced techniques. During the first class one attunement was given (very similar to Reiki attunement); and 3 symbols (different than Usui Reiki and called distance, power and Higher Self connection), the symbols were not secret. Also taught were hand positions, a method of doing distance treatment and a series of energy lines to be traced on the client's and practitioners body before doing a treatment (similar to Light Body Activation). In advanced classes, new techniques to use the energy and for clearing were presented. One technique that students of the system were taught was to walk this gentle energy into the Earth for healing and transmutation. Website: http://www.joanbaggett.com/HISTORY.HTML

Men Chho Reiki or Medicine Dharma Rei Kei
LINEAGE : Dr. Usui...reconstructed by Lama Yeshe Drugpa Thrinley Odzer...
ORIGINS : Reconstructed teachings from Dr Usui's written notes, letters to his students and the Buddhist material he studied and taught including a secret and rare Buddhist Tantra - The Tantra of the Lightning Flash. The teachings place Usui Sensei as a Buddhist and is known as the "Kind Physician Bodhisattva" (Note: not Grandmaster). The actual teachings of Dr Usui and his senior students, and Buddhist material are being translated from Sanskrit, Chinese and Japanese and are being reconstructed by Lama Yeshe Drugpa Thrinley Odzer, the current Spiritual advisor to Men Chhos Rei Kei International Inc and the senior students/members. These advanced teachings can be studied by all who take Mah?y?na/Vajrayana Buddhist Refuge - as they were taught by Dr. Usui. The Universal Healing Reiki (Footnote) (Usui's recorded system of Secular Reiki, from whence Modern Western/Japanese Reiki systems evolved) is not a prerequisite to studying the inner teachings of Rei Kei. Hence the discipline of the Inner Teachings as Dr. Usui taught it runs parallel to Universal healing Reiki and Traditional/Secular Reiki. Men Chhos Rei Kei or Medicine Dharma Rei Kei and Universal Healing Reiki are a genuine attempt to return to the purity of Usui's teachings and advanced Buddhist training.

There have, over the last few years, been many new groups who claim to have 'original' Reiki material.  One of these is Medicine Dharma Reiki which also includes Universal Reiki Healing and Men Chhos Reiki.  None of the information taught by its founder has been verified by members of the Reiki community.

Verification is an important issue as far as 'new' information is concerned.  It is vital that Reiki practitioners question anything that cannot be verified.  The reasons for this can be read below in an open email addressed to Reiki practitioners worldwide by well-known Reiki author Paula Horan and her partner.  Paula Horan was, until recently, a senior member of this group.  For more information about her see www.paulahoran.com

"To Whom It May Concern: For your information
Important Notice for those interested in the Study and Practice of Medicine Dharma Reiki also known as "Men Chhos Reiki".

Circumstances force us to discontinue giving teachings and empowerments in Lama Yeshe's lineage of the "Tantra of the Lightening Flash", which purportedly has been reconstructed from the written legacies of Dr Mikao Usui and Dr Watanabe Kioshi Itami.  When we ourselves were first introduced to the teachings and practices of Medicine Dharma or Men Chhos Reiki in Oregon, USA in the summer of 1998, Lama Yeshe explicitly stated that these very teachings and practices were the actual basis for the Usui Method of Natural Healing.  In his book "Medicine Dharma Reiki", published in the fall of 2000 by Full Circle Publishing, he is on record for repeatedly making the same statement.

In the past, Lama Yeshe on several occasions promised to authenticate the background material for these teachings, namely Dr Usui's notes and diaries as well as older Chinese and Japanese manuscripts said to contain the original text of the Tantra and its commentaries.  As stated above, Lama Yeshe always referred to these older sources as the scriptural basis for Dr Usui's rediscovery of Reiki.  In the year 2000, upon publication of this book "Medicine Dharma Reiki", he gave assurances to both the publisher and to several teachers of Medicine Dharma Reiki that such authentication would at the latest be forthcoming in the summer of 2002.  At this time, he claimed, the translation of all the original material by a group of translators from Taipeh, Taiwan would be complete and the moment to authenticate would have come.

Because authentication even now is nowhere in sight, we no longer see ourselves in a position to continue teaching a set of practices of unverified background.  Sincerity and forthrightness are particularly called for in teaching a system like Medicine Dharma Reiki, because serious commitments such as taking of refuge and Bodhisattva vows are asked of the aspirants, before they enter the sacred space of the mandala.

As our doubts regarding the authenticity of the material and the validity of the refuge and Bodhisattva lineage have not been dispelled, we were forced to cancel all upcoming classes in Germany, India, Mauritius and Dubai.  This caused us and our students great distress, a potential loss in credibility, not to mention the loss of income for many from courses that were planned long in advance.

Furthermore, a number of revelations within the Medicine Dharma Reiki community that cannot be made public in detail, regarding the conduct of Lama Yeshe as the Spiritual Director of the organisation and also regarding his own lineage and status as a Rinpoche, plus the way he very often shows utter disregard for the causes and concerns of his closest students, leave us no choice but to terminate our relationship with the source of such controversy.

We regret that we are forced to take this step, which because of the above mentioned recent events has become inevitable.  We also apologise to our 70+ students worldwide whom we so far have guided in the study and practice of the Medicine Dharma Reiki material.  They came to us in good faith and we instructed them in full confidence in Lama Yeshe's teaching and lineage, purportedly going back to Dr Usui himself.  However, a good part of that very basis for good faith and personal trust is now utterly destroyed.

We feel that Lama Yeshe owes his own students as well as their students and the publishers of his book in different countries a thorough explanation.  We hope that such explanation (promised to be forthcoming in June 2003) will set the record straight and vindicate him of all allegations which have come from inside his own community and from independent outside researchers.
Taken from ARC Inc Australia Newsletter February/March 2003 Volume 6 Issue 1  

New Life Reiki
LINEAGE: Dr.V. Sukumaran...
ORIGIN : Claimed to be introduced by the International Institute of Reiki (a unit of Indian Reiki foundation). Also affiliated to World Newlife Reiki Foundation, UK.
DEGREES - 4 Levels:
Reiki I , 4 attunements, Aura scanning (Human energy field), Aura/ chakra cleansing & disposal, Self healing, Newlife Reiki meditation - completely guided, Treatment positions for various diseases, Health facilitators increasing healing power, Daily routine.
Reiki II, 1 attunement,Traditional plus 20 extra new powerful symbols, Distant / Absent healing, Newlife Reiki instant techniques (Reiki circle, Golden ball healing).
Reiki IIIA : Master healing symbol, plus 15 intensive symbols, Laser Newlife Reiki energy crystal grid, psychic surgery, Intensive Healing Techniques, silver cord meditations etc.
Reiki IIIB : By appointment. Teaches 150 symbols.

Dr.V. Sukumaran, Reiki Master, International Institute of Reiki, New Life Reiki, Aminjikarai, Chennai. India 

Newlife Reiki-Seichim
LINEAGE: Marsha Jean Burack, Margot Deepa Slater
ORIGINS : Margot "Deepa" Slater is a trained Reiki and Seichim teacher, and now shares the story of her struggle to find a broadly-based, flexible and creative form of touch healing which suits her. Having sustained acquired brain damage in two near fatal accidents in 1984 and 1985, I was introduced to Traditional Reiki in 1986 and completed Reiki I. In 1988 I went on to do Reiki 2 with Klaudia Hochuth. My confusion with the teachings and, perhaps more importantly, never having my questions answered in ways that resonated as truth for me, led me to explore the teachings of Reiki worldwide.

In 1991, I travelled to the United States and through a strange series of coincidences, commenced training in Encinitas, California with Marsha Jean Burack, also known as Marsha Nityankari, a Reiki and Seichim Master Teacher.

Marsha was a student of Zen Buddhism. She had studied and majored in anthropology and had travelled widely. She lived in a house that looked like an Egyptian temple and taught me in a typically paradoxical Zen way. I was involved in all sorts of activities seemingly unrelated to teacher training in Reiki and Seichim, such as personal chores like gardening, housework, banking and shopping. Years later, I realised that Marsha's teachings were of the most profound kind ­ that a spiritual experience could be gained in the simplest of tasks.

I had become a lateral thinker as a result of my acquired brain damage. At the same time I'm also literal. In the past, if you were to ask me to put the kettle on the stove, I would. Never mind filling the kettle with water or turning the stove on. Fortunately I've come a long way since then, however, my acquired and quirky way of thinking has proved to be the one thing that assists me enormously in deciphering magical codes and hidden messages contained in old teachings. I took to tracing the history and lineages of Reiki and Seichim/Sekhem with unequalled passion. This passion burns as brightly today as it did then.

In 1991, when I returned from America and pioneered the teachings of Seichim/Sekhem in Australia, no one had heard of it. Within days of my return I became violently ill. I believe I was experiencing the last of my healing crises on the road to recovery from lymphoma. Running high fevers to the point of almost being delirious; I began speaking in tongues. My friends were concerned for my wellbeing and sanity. During this time, I had a vision of Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, and an unknown woman at the end of my bed. There were no words spoken, only a transference through feelings and pictures. I was shown I was safe and not to be afraid.

I saw mandalas - fierce looking deities and others whom seemed friendly. I had no idea who they were, let alone the meaning of what was happening. I often wondered if I was 'losing it'. When my fever broke, I woke up and knew something profound had occurred. I couldn't find the words to explain my experience, however, I most definitely knew Reiki and Seichim were linked but I didn't know how.

I had no idea how I was going to introduce Reiki Seichim to Australia. As I began to teach snippets of the new information, it became glaringly apparent I was going to have a battle on my hands. Some in the Reiki community were shocked and angry that I was 'bastardizing' a secret and sacred tradition. There were times when I worried what would become of my beloved Reiki and asked Usui ­ "why me?" Usui's message was ­ "All your life you have been prepared for this. Trust; all will be revealed in time."

Each time I began to initiate and teach the versions of Traditional Reiki and Seichim I had learned from Marsha, I was guided to extra and different movements and symbols. Initially, I resisted but finally decided to go with the flow and see what happened. A friend lent me a book. I found I was working with Tantric Yoga points. I began buying books on Yoga, which, in turn, led me to explore Buddhism. I slowly began putting the pieces of my vision together. I began to recognise the links between the ancient traditions of the Mystery Schools, Enochian Magic, Tantra, Taoism and Tibetan mysticism. By 1992, I had my first experience of the Way of the Five Bodies and Sekhmet, the primordial Egyptian Goddess.

I realised that within the teachings of Reiki and Seichim lay hidden truths. I named what I taught Newlife Reiki Seichim and Newlife Seichim Sekhem. I now understood the messages of Usui. The visionary woman at the end of my bed, I now recognised as Quan Yin. The hidden truths led to the Lion Path or the path of the Bodhisattva Warrior, and esoteric teachings of a secret Buddhist sect known as the Shingon Buddhists.

Shingon teachings are of a private and confidential nature. They place great importance on the 'three secrets' of body, mind and speech. Every person possesses these three functions; all of which harbour secrets that lead to the attainment of enlightenment. The secret of body finds expression in various hand gestures and meditation postures. The secret of mind relates to the 'five wisdoms' which make the comprehension of reality possible. The secret of speech relates to the recitation of sounds and mantras. Through rituals, which are rooted in these 'three secrets', a connection between the practitioner and a particular Buddha or Deity together with recognition of various archetypal energies is brought about. The state of 'Buddha in me, me in Buddha' can be realised. The way is a spiritual journey. It is unfolded through self-discovery, creativity, self-recognition, awareness to consciousness and enlightenment.

I knew the task of collating this information was beyond me. During meditation I impressed upon Usui, Quan Yin and other deities that I needed someone who could assist me in interpreting my pictures into words and could help with detail. Almost immediately, Jennifer Stubbings participated in a Newlife Seichim Sekhem seminar in Melbourne. A friendship and partnership was forged. Together Jen and I began formulating and documenting the teachings of Newlife Reiki Seichim and Newlife Seichim Sekhem along the lines of my original vision.

Today, there are many different forms of Reiki, Seichim and Sekhem. All are valid and contain hidden truths, but what is it that makes Newlife Reiki Seichim and Newlife Seichim Sekhem different?

Newlife teachings, as do some Eastern lineages of Reiki, encompass the teachings of the Bodhisattva Warrior. The Newlife teachings also embrace the activation of the Rings of the Thymus Chakra, the linking of particular practices and disciplines involving mudra, mantra, harmonics, geometric shapes, symbolism, visualisation, the invocation of archetypal deities and the practices of the Healing Buddha.

My search for more of the truths of Reiki and Seichim continued. In 1997, Denis Crundell, a Reiki Master, sent me literature on the Men Chhos Reiki lineage taught by Lama Yeshe in Oregon, U.S.A. This lineage is also taught in 7 levels. It involves teachings from Tantric traditions, Vajrayana, Tibetan mysticism and the healing practices of Medicine Buddha. I felt for the first time I was reading something that truly resonated with me.

I was so enthused that I immediately dialed international service directories seeking to trace Gary Leikas, a student of Lama Yeshe. Was this another wild goose chase? Miraculously, the first number I tried was that of Gary. Even more coincidental, was the fact that he was just leaving his house and had come back to answer the phone. Gary, a Reiki Master, told how Lama Yeshe's father had purchased old original tantras from a Buddhist Monk in Japan just after the war in 1945. By tracing the 'chop' (official stamp) through the Hall of Records in Kyoto, Japan, these tantras proved to be part of a spiritual practice from where Usui's teachings originated.

Gary confirmed that the teachings of Newlife Reiki Seichim were in many ways similar to the practices of Men Chhos Reiki. When explaining where I came by my information, I related the incident of my vision of Usui. I was so overwhelmed I burst into tears and felt I had finally come home.

My advice to anyone seeking a method of touch healing or a spiritual practice which suits them is to always remember to be discerning. Students should ask plenty of questions of their teachers, and above and beyond all trust their gut instinct and feelings. There is a great gift awaiting each of us. The road back to our own greatness within. Ancient teachings share with us the many ways home. Whichever road you take, enjoy your earth walk. As Usui conveyed, "Trust; all will be revealed in time."
Level 1 Newlife Reiki Seichim, and Level 2 Newlife Seichim Sekhem are presented as weekend seminars. They can be learned as a meditation practice or as a hands on healing practice.

Levels 3, 4 and 5 are all two week meditation retreats. These levels are for students who wish to travel the path of exploration of themselves, Buddhism or the teachings of the Ancient Mystery Schools.

Levels 6 and 7 are teacher-training levels.

Margot Deepa Slater, Deepa is a qualified workplace trainer currently living on the South Coast of New South Wales in Australia. She is qualified in many forms of alternate healing and still presents Hands on Healing Seminars and leads Meditation Retreats. She spent many years working in the areas of Aids education, as an Addictions Counsellor and as a facilitator of 12 step programs in Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres. She was also a Counsellor at Tarrengower Women's Prison.

Raku Kei Reiki
LINEAGE : Usui - Hayashi - Takata - Ishikuro - Robertson....
ORIGIN : It is believed that Iris Ishikuro added onto much of what is taught in Raku Kei. It is known that Iris was a Johrei Fellowship Practitioner, as well as a Takata-trained Usui Reiki Master. Raku Kei is also sometimes referred to as "The Way of the Fire Dragon". Raku is the vertical flow of energy and Kei is the horizontal flow of energy in the body.
DEGREES : 4 degrees.
First and Second Degree : taught as one class; 2 attunements; teaches a different history about a man named Rolf Jensen who learnt Reiki from Dr. Usui, precepts, hand positions, disease and treatment with reiki, uses Master Frequency plates (with Antahkarana symbol inside) to switch the polarity of the body to left giving/right receiving (Robertson claims Takata and Ishikuro had and used these plates), 3 traditional symbols are taught, plus 1 additional symbol, a distance healing technique and 3 Kanji hand positions (Mudras).

Third Degree is called Reiki Sensei: 1 attunement; requires that the student buy 1 Master Frequency plate; teaches attunements to all 3 levels of Reiki, plus a white light initiation, a breathing technique called "Breath of the Fire Dragon", 2 additional symbols, the water ceremony, use of herbs and minerals, Reiki Master Spinal Therapy.
Master/Teacher Degree is a called a Certified Reiki Sensei: It is required that the student have 3 large Master Frequency Plates before taking class. This Degree is for those students who want to be Center Certified it is basically a review of the Third Degree. Every student must show proficiency in the Reiki attunement procedures, know all the symbols and must be dedicated to healing the planet. The Class requires a contractual agreement with the American Reiki Master Association. If you have received the symbol for white light (also called the Johrei symbol) its' origin is in the Religion Johrei. This is the symbol for their GOD, followers of the religion enlarge it an put it on the wall over their alter.

Arthur Robertson made his transition on Monday March 5, 2001.
American Reiki Master Association website: http://www.atlantic.net/~arma/

Reiki Plus
LINEAGE: Usui - Hayashi - Takata - Phyllis Furumoto (and Barbara McCullough) - David Jarrell... David trained with Virginia Samdahl and Barbara McCullough.
ORIGIN: Reiki Plus is a system developed by David Jarrell and he is the founder of the Reiki Plus Institute. He has taken the Traditional Reiki information and combined it with other information and classes. Those who attend RPI are offered the opportunity to become ministers in his church. David Jarrell made his transition on 25 June 2002.

DEGREES : 4 Reiki Practitioner Degrees, plus Master Level in the 2 Reiki Programs. The institute offers 5 programs including: Reiki Plus Practitioner's Program, Reiki Plus Mastership Program for Teachers, PSEBsm Practitioner's Program, PSEBsm Mastership Program, Reiki Plus Home Study Program, plus electives. The RPI offers 310 hours of formal education. The Practitioner's Certification requires 155 hours of classroom training and successful completion of an examination. All current Reiki Plus Masters have completed the required training and have spent 3-9 years practicing, studying and travelling in tutorial study with David. The RPI is paralleled by the Pyramids of Light Church, which is a church of Natural Healing and is Federally recognised as a church of healing through Reiki Plus(s) and Etheric Body Healing. The training offered by RPI and their Reiki Plus Masters spans from the core principles of Reiki to counselling approaches, Etheric Body Chakra Healing, Soul Level healing techniques and training about the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Discernment. Reiki Plus Institute website: http://www.reikiplus.com

David Jarrell is the author of "Reiki Plus Natural Healing" & "Reiki Plus Professional Practitoner’s Manual".
Richelle Jarrell, Reiki Master, Reiki Plus Institute Key Largo, FL USA, Website: http://www.reikiplus.com/

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