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Angelic RayKey (Reiki)
LINEAGE: Through the Guidance of Archangel St. Michael - Angelic RayKey teaches you how to heal the Earth by starting at home on yourself, your neighbourhood, city, state and ultimately the Earth. It empowers each client to help them take charge of their own healing, eliminating the dependence on the practitioner. In the three levels of Angelic RayKey, you will learn to direct energy with prayer and intention, symbols, distance healing, color healing and prayer techniques, and also learn the importance of ceremony. Each level consists of approximately three days of classes. Level three is for those who wish to teach. You will have three days of class time and comprehensive independent study. For each level you will be required to complete the homework and practice sessions. Internships are done twice for each level before certification is given

The focus is on healing and uplifting all areas of living: body, mind, and spirit. Based on a foundation of Reiki, a Japanese traditional healing practice given in the 1800's, Angelic RayKey includes additional information on body/mind/spirit healing, such as physical body energy systems, mental body creative powers, and the importance of ceremony. This additional information gives us more tools than traditional Reiki alone does, yet does not diminish those teachings in any way. Rather Angelic Raykey enhances the ability to move energy through knowledge of those energy patterns and how they are created and maintained.

Angelic RayKey gives the practitioner ways to maintain and improve their personal health on all levels. This has the effect of making the world a better place as this healing energy goes out into the world around the practitioner, benefiting all who come in contact with him or her.

Angelic RayKey can be taught to the person who comes seeking help, so that those who are healed can take charge of their lives and maintain their good health without continual assistance from the healer. What this amounts to is independence for those who are not now free of problems of many sorts: bodily diseases, mental confusions, relationship difficulties and spiritual emptiness, to name a few. Angelic RayKey is ultimately a tool to heal the earth, starting at home with self, extending to those in the healer's personal life and local community, and benefiting the world at large.

Level I (Hands On Healing) Learn bodily energy systems, how to sense blockages, how to direct energy with prayer and intention, how to seal the aura, and the history of RayKey and traditional spiritual healing methods.
Level II (Distant Healing) Learn how to use symbols, how to send RayKey healing over distance and time, how to use color in healing, how to clear the mental body and intercessory prayer techniques.
Level III (For Teachers Of Healing) Learn the importance of ceremony, RayKey and additional symbols for world-level work, secret teachings and why they must be kept secret, and experience fulfilment as you step forward as one of God's chosen, those who choose to serve.
Internship (Practice Teaching) Internship must be done at least twice (to observe and to assist) on all three levels before a full teaching certificate is issued.
Website: http://liteweb.org/raykey/index.html

Ascension Reiki
LINEAGE: channelled by Reiki Master Alan Harris.
This new system consists of nine symbols, channelled under the direction of the Ascended Masters, each symbol is linked to a specific master and works upon the energies of the chakras, thus partaking of a specific colour and function. The Ascended Masters - These are enlightened beings, some of whom have reached enlightenment after many physical incarnations. These beings of light work to aid mankind and help us towards ascension ie a state of expanded consciousness enabling us to exist in full awareness outside of a physical body.

ORIGINS: Whilst being initiated in Karuna Reiki Mastership Alan Harris sensed a symbol being placed into his crown chakra. Over the next few months, during periods of meditation, further symbols were given to him - his partner, Robert, was granted the insight that these symbols were communicated by the Ascended Masters:- Maitreya, Sananda, Lady Kwan Yin, Archangel Michael, Saint Germaine, Hilarion, Sanat Kumara, Lady Nada and Serapis. Under their instruction the present structure has now been formulated. Ascension Reiki is a powerful tool for healing but its main purpose is for expansion of consciousness and to accelerate the spiritual growth of mankind.

DEGREES: For students Second Degree and Higher.
Ascension Reiki - Level One
This consists of four attunements and learning the power symbol plus three further symbols for linking to and working with earth energies, revitalising and healing the physical body and sexual relationships, balancing chakras, facilitating past life regression and cleansing negative energies.
Ascension Reiki - Level Two
This consists of two attunements and learning four symbols for linking with the angelic realms and channelling, increasing psychic abilities and opening up to the higher self, increasing intellectual and spiritual focus and for transmitting energy through time and space.
Ascension Reiki - Master Level
This consists of one attunement and learning the Master symbol which enables you to attune others.
Alan Harris – Reiki Master
From childhood Alan has had a natural curiosity about the purpose of human existence. During his adolescence two out of body experiences had a profound effect upon his understanding of life. Since this period he has read and researched extensively metaphysical concepts and paranormal phenomena. His life was further changed when he was drawn to train in the Reiki system of healing.

Always gifted with insight Reiki has enabled Alan to strengthen his connection with higher spiritual realms and he has been working with a group of advanced discarnate beings known as the Ascended Masters. These beings have channelled through Alan a new system of Reiki called Ascension Reiki. The system consists of nine sacred symbols, each with a specific purpose, to facilitate physical and emotional healing, chakra balancing, assist contact with the higher realms, past life regression and spiritual growth.

Robert Nutt - Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader and Reiki Master
Gifted with natural intuition and insight Robert pursued a conventional career in computing, whilst also being heavily involved in community and charity work, until he was drawn to train in Reiki healing.

This training has had a profound effect upon his life and has magnified his natural clairvoyance, enabling him to give accurate and uplifting advice about career choices, relationships, life changing decisions and spiritual growth. Robert aims to empower clients in order that they may make informed choices enabling them to fulfil their highest spiritual destiny.
Website: http://www.ascensionreiki.com/

Blue Star Reiki
LINEAGE: John Williams - Gary Jirauch...

ORIGIN: Originally called Blue Star Celestial Energy. John Williams a Reiki Master from South Africa channelled this energy from his guide Makuan in January, 1995. Blue Star Celestial Energy, as described by John Williams, is a transmission of spiritual ability to bridge the gap between God and man-the Rainbow Bridge-enabling the adept to utilise this potential and to function at expanded levels of awareness. Makuan retrieved the knowledge of the Blue Star Celestial Energy System from Os-Mo-Ro-Pup, an Ancient Egyptian Mystery School source. Maintaining a profound sense of balance between mind and heart is the key to the utilisation and manifestation of this energy. It is said to be the vehicle for bringing peace and planetary healing as fast as it can happen. Blue Star is not primarily concerned with immediate benefits, such as health, protection, financial gain, and other matters pertaining to the needs of everyday life. Rather, it is aimed towards the growth, evolution, and spiritual development of its practitioners. It protects against the psychological fragmentation which could threaten the psyche during its exposure to multi-dimensional experiences of inter-time travel. In April, 1995 John initiated Gary Jirauch to this energy. Gary modified the system and changed the name to Blue Star Reiki.
DEGREES - 2 Levels. Designed for Reiki and Karuna Reiki Masters.
Level 1 is called Os-Mo-Ro-Pup Practitioner and Level 2 is called Master Level.
1 attunement for each level. 14 symbols added by Gary. The Celestial Energies of Blue Star healing may be translated or used at many levels, essential to the cycle of birth and rebirth.
Blue Star Reiki website: http://www.angelfire.com/mb/manifestnow/bluestar.html
Brahma Satya Reiki
LINEAGE: Claimed to be the only reiki system to be based upon Shiva-Shakti. Channelled by Deepak Hardikar.
ORIGINS: Brahma Satya Reiki has evolved out through a spiritual descent of Shiva-Shakti in the form of Brahma Satya. Brahma Satya is now opening entirely new chapters in the world of natural healings. The Original Concepts to have already been openly introduced as for learnings are "Healings Through Balance" and "Micro Vibro Analysis - MVA". Astral Healing energies are being made available for the use of all BSR channels through the unique set-up of an Astral Healing Powered Healing Grid. "Divya Sutra" has been opened up for selective transfer. Already, much headway has been made in a few other areas and further new approaches have been introduced after extensive field trials.

Level - 1: This is the beginners course. Everybody enters the world of Brahma Satya through this level only. Course includes adequate theory and practicals covering wide range of new informations and also deals with the hands on and long distance healings. 5 new sanskrit symbols provided. 9 chakra initiation - 2 day course. Experienced reiki practitioners and masters/teachers of Reiki have highly acknowledged this course. This marks the beginning of an introduction to a new approach which creates openings for multiple expansions to follow subsequently.

HTB or Healings Through Balance: This is also a 2 day course. This marks the beginning of an entirely different approach to the healings. Through these begins the realisation towards understanding the actual process of healings. Through this a theory is evolved which understands the healing process. This works deeply to bring about a state of permanency in the healing work. This is unique for its spiritual-logic. One interested in healings is recommended to complete this course soon after the completion of Level-1.

The above two courses are open to all. It could take one quite a period to actually understand sufficiently the information provided through these courses. For the same, the interested should also stay in touch even after course completion and also attend refresher courses on the two. Attendance in the refresher courses is free for those who are involved with the spread of the system of Brahma Satya further through the organising, promotion and coordination of the Brahma Satya courses and classes at other places and also encouraging and explaining people to adopt the usage of this system.

Level - 2: This is not an open course. It is provided only to selective people. Only those who are committed towards the system of Brahma Satya whole heartedly are provided this level. Further information on this course is provided to those concerned. It takes anything from 2 to 3 days for this course. This course goes into subtle zone and key shifts evolve through this level. MVA or Micro Vibrational Analysis : This is the further next level and again further scrutiny is at this level. This has been experienced by many as simply an out of this world concept. It takes 1 day for this course and it takes further years to actually gain proficiency in this. Further details are provided to the concerned. This course information needs a highest degree of maturity with the learner. And this opens out an entirely different world of information to the healer.

Attendance in the refresher courses of Level-2 and MVA is restricted only for those who are actively involved with the promotion and spread of Brahma Satya.

Divya Sutra : This is a selective transfer through guidance received. This could be transfered to anybody anytime, with the willingness of the transferee. This is an entirely different concept of healing having descended from the spiritual zone.

Teachers Level : To become a teacher of Brahma Satya, one must be having sound theorotical concepts and practical experiences of the previous levels apart from strong communication skills and open caring attitude towards one and all. To reach to this, one is required to actively assist in the classes.

Astral Healing : This is provided through selection. Other courses not directly connected with the Brahma Satya are also available. Information is provided to the coordinators and organisors of Brahma Satya Courses.
Deepak Hardikar, webpage http://education.vsnl.com/brahmasatya/EVOLUTION.htm

Dorje Reiki
LINEAGE: Sensei Mikao Usui- Sensei Chujiro Hayashi-Sensei Hawayo K. Takata-Sensei Phyllis Lei Furumoto-Sensei Phillip Morgan-Sensei Robert Vaughan-Sensei Linda Nickel-Sensei Lawton R. Smith
ORIGINS: A new system of Reiki has come out of my practice, studies, attunements, and from the needs of my clients and students. I am calling it Dorje Reiki."Dorje" is the Tibetan word for "diamond-like, or lightning" {"Vajra" in Sanskrit.} "Dorje" stands for the divine universal diamond-like light/lightning which permeates all of existence and energizes all living things and the understanding of which can arrive to an individual in a flash of light. It is adamantine, conscious, knowledgeable, caring and powerful. It is the energetic synthesis of all dualities, and represents the fusion/merging of the infinite with the finite, the mental/spiritual with the physical. It is related to the concept of Kundalini and Tumo in the sense of the merging of spiritual energy with the phsyical for the purpose of healing and enlightenment. Dorje Reiki's energy nature is quite like that of Vajra Reiki merged with Karuna Ki. I chose to consider it a form of Reiki since it combines the best of those traditions to which I have been attuned. It is used for healing and personal growth for both the client and for the practitioner.

In the tradition of many modern systems of Reiki, I also considered the Sanskrit names: Pranayena Reiki (out of love), or Ekatvena Reiki (in oneness), or Ojasa Reiki (concentrated psychic power), or even Bhajate Reiki (rendering transcendental loving service). None of these express simply and directly the nature of Reiki which I have come to know, except "Dorje Reiki".(Dorje is pronounced variously "DOOR-jay" or "DOE-jay). I recognize that there are those who would question the use of a Tibetan name , or even the use of the word "Reiki" for my system. In order to provide a bridge for those who know Reiki, as well as Tibetan thought, these terms are used to suggest an approach, not a direct connection with things Tibetan and/or Reiki. Healing knows no boundaries, either of geography or of thought. Also, methods of healing evolve beyond their roots, providing a growth of method and energy not forseen by those trained in earlier traditions.

Although I primarily practice Traditional Usui Reiki, I have had many requests for Reiki procedures which come from various other Reiki traditions. Rather than confuse students and clients with my instinctive use of elements from various Reiki traditions, I have decided to create and practice a unified form of Reiki which reaches to its earliest roots, as well as incorporating ideas from various other energy practices and beliefs. I will practice this form of Reiki only when it is specifically requested.

The elements of Dorje Reiki come from the best elements of Traditional Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki, Prema Reiki, Usui/Tibetan Reiki, Non-Traditional Reiki, and Seichim Reiki. Dorje Reiki also has elements of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism (from which the ideas for Reiki were originally developed, called Vajrayana Buddhism in India), elements of shamanism (Tibetan, Celtic and Native American - these cultures have all tapped the same source of healing energy in various ways), and from my own experiences and insights. It can be both a healing system and a system of personal development. If it is used only as a healing system, it is taught without the elements of meditation, and the attunement is simpler.

Dorje Reiki uses some symbols, as needed, and assumes the practitioner will do daily personal meditations and personal Reiki. The symbols are generally those of more traditional forms of Reiki with a few additions. They would be familiar to most Reiki Masters. The meditations are, for the most part, similar to those of Dr Usui and of certain Tibetan practices. Attunement is needed, with all chakras and hands receiving attunement. Distant attunement is possible, but in-person is distinctly preferable. There are no required beliefs, authority, or procedures whatsoever; there is an invitation to consider an expanded understanding of the energy of the cosmos and how one can experience it.

Initially, I will only teach this system at the Master level to other Reiki Masters who are sincerely interested in a holistic Reiki healing system, as well as in esoteric Reiki for personal development. Teaching and attunement is done one person at a time, no group classes. Later I will consider teaching it to dedicated Reiki II students. At the moment, I will only teach it in person. I will continue to develop this healing/personal development system and "fine-tune" it as time passes and as I learn more about how others respond to it.

I thank all of my Reiki Masters for their inspiration and help. All of them have encouraged me to follow my heart in the creation of Dorje Reiki. I will not trademark or otherwise limit the system. All I ask is that others respect its nature and methods. I do suggest that all Reiki Masters do some pro bono work. Reiki is meant for all. Dorje Reiki Website


LINEAGE: Part of teachings & transmission from Usui via - Hayashi - Takeuchi - Takamori - Premaratna.
ORIGINS: Claimed to be from Buddhist Lamas of Nepal, Tibet and Northern India. Ven Seiji Takamori (a Buddhist monk) researched Reiki and specific meditation practices transmitted to him from Dr. Usui. He found a complete system of spiritual discipline which related to healing, and recognised in this the original practices relating to Reiki. These transmitted teachings from Usui and the Lamas are taught in 4 stages under the name of EnerSense-Buddho. They involve a meditational practice and empowerments, and use ancient symbology, mantras, yantras, Buddhist deity visualisations, marma point healing, chi-nadi exercises, Buddhist teachings and philosophy. Compassion (and loving kindness) and opening of the heart through meditation and Reiki. The teachings differ from the Takata lineages due to the transmission via a line of Buddhist Reiki Masters - consequently, there is an emphasis on Reiki healing on various levels of body/mind/spirit is an aspect of the progress towards Enlightenment or spiritual fulfillment. The teachings are direct transmitted teachings and are not modified, reconstructed or channeled and are considered to be further studies in the Lineage of Takamori: Dr. Premaratna at: ranga@netlink.com.au

Gakkai Society in Japan
It has been claimed that the Gakkai was formed by Mikao Usui when he started his school in Tokyo. Today the various leaders are listed back to Usui himself stating that he (Usui) was the first Chairman. Some doubt exists about whether Usui actually started the Gakkai and it seems possible that the second listed chairman, Juzaburo Ushida, may have created the society himself. This is also claimed by D King http://www.Japanese-Reiki.org

This was after Usui's death and probably when the memorial was erected. When Usui moved to Tokyo he opened a treatment centre and school, not a society or association. During the war the Gakkai moved its headquarters to different places perhaps due to the bombing of Japan. The Gakkai disbanded after the war. This was because it was a banned society during the occupation. It is not yet clear when the Society re-established following the war, however it may not have been until the 1950's.

It should be noted that several of the leaders were naval officers and some may have been active during the war. Ms. Koyama's husband was also a naval officer. This may have caused a problem during the occupation by the Allied Forces.

Ancestor List of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai which operates today.
1st. Leader Mikao Usui (1865-1926)
2nd. Leader Juzaburo Ushida (Rear Admiral 1865-1935)
3rd. Leader Kan'ichi Taketomi (Rear Admiral 1878-1960)
4th President Yoshiharu Watanabe (School Teacher) died 1960)
There was for a very short period where Taketomi returned to office.
5th. Leader Houichi Wanami (Vice Admiral 1883-1975)
6th. Leader Kimiko Koyama (1906-1999)
7th. Leader Masaki Kondoh (Present Chairman and a University Professor)

It has been said that after the Gakkai HQ was destroyed by the air bombardments during WWII, each Gakkai Teacher continued to teach individually issuing their own certificates.

Mr. Hiroshi Doi (founder of Gendai Reiki Ho) was first taught by one of these teachers, he was not told it was called Reiki but Usui Teate.

According to Mr. Hiroshi Doi, traditional Gakkai meetings are usually started with chanting the Affirmations and sometimes singing of the Gyosei, Poetry of the Meiji Emperor, all part of the original Usui system. According to Arjava Petter - 'In Japan, the 'Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai' has been teaching his system ever since, but it did not spread widely.' It is believed that Gakkai Society is not interested in passing information to the rest of the world.

It has come to light that there is was an 85 year old woman named Chiyoko Yamaguchi (now deceased) who was a student of Chujiro Hayashi, she lives in Kyoto, Japan. She has only been teaching for the last couple of years. Her son is Tadao Yamaguchi and assists her in teaching and they have started the Jikkiden Reiki Association in Japan.

The following article is reprinted with the permission of Frank Arjava Petter (Sept.18/97) Reiki, Who is in Charge? by Frank Arjava Petter

Excerpts taken from http://threshold.ca/reiki
I have had the opportunity to live in Japan and teach Reiki classes here since 1993. With the help of my Japanese wife, Chetna and Shizuko Akimoto, a Japanese Reiki master I have had contact with several people who learned Reiki from Dr. Usui’s early students as well as members of Dr. Usui’s family and members of the Usui Shiki Ryoho of Tokyo. During these meetings we discussed the history of Reiki and how it is practiced in Japan. Through the benefit of these sources, I have learned many interesting things about Reiki that have not been known in the West.

For many years we all have been looking at Reiki history from a Western point of view. This story has had some limitations and because of cultural and language barriers between Japan and the West not many of the ideas in the Western story were able to be verified or explored. The life of Dr Usui or Usui Sensei as he is called by his followers in Japan was one clouded in mists of a mystical character. Because of this, some misinformation about Usui Sensei and his life has developed. Recently the question of who the true successor of Usui Sensi is has come up again, and for that reason I would like to make things clear once and for all.

Since Usui Sensei died March 9th 1926, the Usui Shiki Ryoho, which he founded and presided over has had five sequential presidents - the true and only successors of Mikao Usui. The first successor was Mr Juzaboro Ushida, who took over the responsibilities after Usui Sensei’s death. The second successor was Mr Kan’Ichi Taketomi, the third Mr Yoshiharu Watanabe, the fourth Mr Hoichi Wanami, and fifth Ms Kimiko Koyama is the present successor (at the time of the publication of Reiki Fire – since then she has passed over) – sixth successor is Masaki Kondoh.

The titles "Grandmaster" or "Lineage Bearer" were not and are not in use in the Usui Shiki Ryoho or Usui Kai as it is now called. Consequently this title was never passed on to Mr Chujiro Hayashi as is currently believed in the west. The only successor to Usui Sensei was Mr Ushida in 1926. Mr. Hayashi was one of many respected disciples of Usui-Sensi, but not more and not less than that. In the old days disciples like Mr. Hayashi who were granted the teacher status by the president often had their own disciples. This is why there are so many different Reiki streams flowing all over Japan. However there is no question about Ms Kimiko Koyama’s leadership today.

The reason that the truth about the real successor of Usui-Sensei never came to the light in the West is rather simple. Years ago we heard on the phone from a Usui Kai member that they were not interested in "Reiki that comes from a foreign country". This attitude explains why the record was never officially set straight. Japanese people in general are very accepting, much more than so Westerners. When it rains it rains and when the sun shines, the sun shines. Regarding things that are happening abroad the Japanese-interest is usually nil. This goes for environmental destruction, international wars and politics and of course, Reiki and the untruths that are circulated about it. So much abuse has been perpetrated in the name of Reiki, that it is hardly surprising that the Japanese Usui Kai keeps its knowledge to itself. They just don’t want to be involved.

However, I am neither Japanese nor of passive character and I have a passion for the truth. That is why I would like to leave the above information with all of you. Reiki is pure energy no matter what label we put on it. There is neither a right nor a wrong Reiki. Energy does not have moral attributes and can never be owned by anyone. It is our human birthright and therefore free as the wind.

In this spirit of love, light and oneness I wish you all the best on your path to the light, from Japan with love.Reiki In Japan website: http://www.reiki.org.pl/
Gendai Reiki Ho
Gendai Reiki Ho (Modern Reiki Method for Healing). (Hiroshi Doi does not approve of Gendai Reiki Ho being taught via distance).
LINEAGE: Mikao Usui, Rear Admiral Kan'ichi Taketomi, Kimiko Koyama, Hiroshi Doi
ORIGINS: What is taught in Gendai is similar to what you find in many Reiki classes. Gendai Reiki Ho is a form of Reiki as passed down through a Japanese Reiki Master/Teacher named Hiroshi Doi who has had a wealth of experience in Western and Traditional Japanese Reiki. He is a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai (Society) which was originally begun in 1921. Although after WW2 Reiki was believed to be lost to Japan the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai continued in Japan and still exists. Hiroshi Doi was led through unusual circumstances to the Gakkai Society although he was already a Reiki Master in Western tradition. Hiroshi Doi-sensei integrates training information and methods from Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai as well as modern forms of Reiki that he has learned from Western based teachings. He has combined the essence of Traditional Technique and Western Reiki to form Gendai Reiki Ho.

Reiki-Ho (Reiki Method) is very simple. It is to practice "spreading the light of the great universe" over the earth in daily life.
To realise happiness for oneself.
To contribute toward others' wellbeing.
To harmonise with all existence.

DEGREES: 4 Levels
Gendai Reiki-Ho Level 1 (Shoden) - Reiki is vibration, Reiki is light, and Reiki is universal energy. You will become a clear path of the Reiki vibration, attain healing ability and learn how to utilise the Reiki energy and use it to heal your body, mind and spirit.
Structure of Reiki-ho; Essence of Reiki-ho & Gendai Reiki-ho; About the Founder of Reiki - Usui Mikao; How to Deliver; Strengthen and Use Reiki Energy; Basic Reiki Healing; Self-Purifying/Self-Growth Methods; How to Use Reiki for Level 1 Practitoners

Gendai Reiki-Ho Level 2 (Okuden) -The quality of the Reiki flow is improved, and you will learn a variety of ways of using Reiki by learning the Symbols and Kotodamas (mantras) which help to increase your healing ability. Symbols are antennas to contact the Reiki energy, and Kotodamas are sacred vibrations to connect to the Reiki energy.
Guidance, Purpose & Concept of Level II (Okuden);
Symbols & Kotodama (Mantra); Meaning & Function of the Symbols; How to Utilise the Symbols; Healing Beyond Time & Space; Western Reiki Techniques; Traditional Healing Techniques;
Self-Purifying/Self-Growth Methods; How to Use Reiki for Level II Practitioners.

Gendai Reiki-Ho Level 3 - (Shinpiden) -Learn how to transform oneself under the guidance of the higher dimensional waves.
Guidance of Level 3 (Shinpiden); Recognising the essence of Reiki Healing; Learning & Use of the Master Symbol; Using Symbols and Transcending Symbols; The Spirit of Usui Reiki (Recognition and Teaching); Guide to Enlightenment; Traditional Healing Techniques; Self-Purifying/Self-Growth Techniques

Gendai Reiki-Ho (Gokuikaiden) Teacher Level - Learn how to pass the Reiki traditions onto others.
The Steps to Teach and Qualify a Reiki Master; A Guide to Reiki Mastership; Qualification, Role and Own Practice; Masters Consciousness, Qualifications & Practice; Recognition & Understanding of Healing; Summary of Reiki-Ho, and Helpful Hints for Self-Realisation; Understanding of Attunements & Symbols; How to Give Attunements; The Characteristics of each Level and Particulars to Teach; Usui Sensei and the Quintessence of Reiki-Ho; Traditional Techniques of Reiki-Ho; Reiju & Integrated Attunement with all Symbols;

Richard Rivard is a prominent Canadian Reiki Master who owns a school called Threshold Reiki. Rick is a founding member of the Canadian Reiki Association. Although he doesn't claim to have founded a system of Reiki, his work encompasses URRI Workshops (Usui Reiki Ryoho International), Gendai Reiki Ho, Seichem Seichim Reiki (SSR), and other Reiki systems. His lineages extend through many systems. Rick has trained some Masters in Australia. His URRI Workshops attended by Hiroshi Doi have been held in Canada, Japan, Spain and England.  He has a strong following throughout the world through his website The Reiki Threshold http://threshold.ca/reiki/index.html

Ichi Sekai Reiki
LINEAGE: Andrea Mikana-Pinkham
ORIGIN: This system of Reiki was started by Andrea. It is a combination of Usui Reiki for first and second degrees and Johrei Reiki for Mastership. Andrea calls herself a Reiki Grand Master. The traditional 3 symbols are given in Second Degree and Johrei Master Symbols given in mastership. No Usui Master symbol is given. The attunements are quite different in form and the student sits on the floor throughout the attunement. There is also another simple procedure which is called a Heart Attunement developed by Andrea. The Heart attunement addresses only the Heart Chakra and is similar to procedures other masters do to attune a chakra or chakras. The Johrei calligraph (White Light symbol) is also given as is the Antahkarana which is called the male/female master symbol.

DEGREES: 3 degrees/4 levels.
First Degree; 4 attunements, 2 day class. Teaches history and positions for hands-on treatment self and others. The hand positions are quite different and the back is not treated during a self treatment.

Second Degree; 1 attunement, 1 day class. Teaches 3 symbols with name and use, how to do distance treatments and a mental healing technique.

Master Practitioner Level; 1 attunement, 1 day class. For those who do not wish to teach, but a prerequisite for those going to teacher level. Teaches Johrei Raku master symbols and heart attunement.

Master/Teacher Level no attunement, Teaches how to do attunements to all three levels and the breath of the Fire Dragon. Usui Master Symbol is not given or used in any attunement. Website: http://www.serpentsofwisdom.com/reiki.htm

Jinlap Maitri Reiki also known as Tibetan Reiki
LINEAGE: Gary Jirauch...
ORIGIN: According to the information provided this branch of Reiki claims to be "Tibetan Reiki in the Medicine Buddha Tradition". The information goes on to say "Jinlap Maitri, a powerful healing and self-development modality, is a five-level energy healing system, for those who have attained Karuna Reiki mastership and wish to continue their development as healers even further. At each level of Jinlap Maitri, initiates receive powerful empowerments, or attunements, in the Tibetan Medicine Buddha tradition, providing a wide range of flexibility and depth in both healing and spiritual development practice."

DEGREES: 5 Levels: 1 attunement to each level. 25 symbols. Training is said to include; the Tibetan concept of the five elements in relation to initiation, purification and healing; Meridian Therapy, information on the energetic body including 8 wondrous channels, micro/macrocosmic orbit, psychic pathways and etheric template expansion; distant healing, psychic surgery, trauma release, self-empowerment, and clearing the emotional body. Tibetan Five Element attunement/mantras; said to manifest the positive and for healing past and future conditions. Initiations and special empowerments of the Medicine Buddha, Six Lokas and Bija mantric chakra method and teach how to create Glum-Mo Tibetan healing. Website: http://www.angelfire.com/mb/manifestnow/Jinlap.html.

Johrei or Jo Reiki
LINEAGE: Usui - Hayashi - Takata - Ishikuro, Robertson, Jim Davis
This school of Reiki originally came from Raku Kei, it is believed that a man named Jim Davis began using the name Johrei to distinguish it from other branches and more closely associate it with its perceived roots.

ORIGIN: Johrei Reiki is a combination of Raku Kei Reiki and the Religion Johrei. The Johrei Fellowship does not recognise it as part of what they do and they have trademarked the name Johrei so that any unauthorised usage is forbidden. It is believed that several Reiki Masters who were trained in Raku Kei broke off and began teaching the system as Johrei Reiki. This system of Reiki is no longer being taught under the name Johrei Reiki.

DEGREES: 1 Mastership. The class takes you from first degree through Mastership in a weekend. 3 initiations. A specific sequence of hand positions covering the entire body are covered, as well as the Raku Breath (Breath of the Fire Dragon), 4 symbols, 3 are variations on the traditional symbols, 1 said to be the master symbol is very different causing an energy shift from Traditional Usui Reiki and an attunement method.

Following is a letter from the Johrei Fellowship regarding Johrei and Reiki

Dear Reiki Master/Sensei
For years we, the Johrei Fellowship, have had Reiki Masters and others with Reiki backgrounds express interest in Johrei. Many of the interested people actually become Johrei channels. However, generally speaking, very few people with Reiki backgrounds remain Johrei members for very long. We now believe that this happens because the goals of Johrei and the goals of Reiki are different.

The following is a general background of Johrei, Johrei Fellowship and a description of the relationship between Johrei and Reiki. Some points will be strongly stated to prevent any misunderstanding.

The International Johrei movement began in Japan by Mokichi Okada (aka Meishu-sama 1882-1955). God revealed to Okada that the creation of a Paradise on Earth, a world of truth, virtue and beauty would soon happen. Through revelations he learned that the cause of the three misfortunes of sickness, poverty and conflict were spiritual, and that the spiritual causes could gradually be eliminated by the channelling of JOHREI.

So the goal of the International organisation he created is the creation of a Paradise on Earth. Johrei is merely a tool to help in its creation. Although we have many miraculous "healings" through Johrei, our goal is not to heal. Becoming a member of the Johrei Fellowship means that person wants to serve (with no remuneration) in the creation of a Paradise on Earth by selflessly helping other people. Our goal is not the creation of healers.

Some people may believe that a strong relationship between Johrei and Reiki exists. In spite of parallels, we believe Johrei and Reiki are fundamentally different. The Johrei Community has a set of clearly written Teachings and practices generally follow the written Teachings. Through the years it appears that the Reiki community is constantly changing with different terminology and beliefs, depending on the teacher...

Years back, the Johrei Fellowship legally trademarked the word Johrei." In recent years, several Reiki Masters used the word "Johrei" as part of their Reiki presentation (e.g. "Johrei Reiki") without permission. One can understand our concern, especially when you think about the differences between Johrei and Reiki. It took much energy and money to stop the illegal usage. Although in each case letters are sent on a cordial and friendly basis, the majority of these people have reacted angrily and negatively. It is on the basis of our negative experiences that we ask Reiki Masters to seriously consider the reasons for your interest in Johrei Fellowship. We welcome and offer Johrei to everyone. If your interests are more than receiving Johrei, we encourage you to carefully consider the above. If you have further questions, we welcome you to contact us at the following website. Ray Toba, Johrei® Fellowship Webpage: http://www.johreifellowship.com/

Karuna Reiki
LINEAGE: William Rand
ORIGIN: Karuna Reiki is an outgrowth of Usui/Tibetan Reiki, developed by William Rand RM. There are many additional symbols and procedures which are used. It is taught to those at the Reiki Master level in two levels. It is considered to be a higher level of energy than Traditional Usui Reiki. To use the term in teaching, one must be registered with The International Center for Reiki Training, and use their procedures and manual(s). The Center also registers and licenses Karuna Reiki Masters and practitioners.

Here is a description of Karuna Reiki by the founder, William Lee Rand: "I did not originally intend to create a new system of Reiki, but starting about 1989, I began being given non-Usui Reiki symbols which were claimed to have benefit. I filed these symbols away along with the attunement processes that were included with some of them and also begin experimenting with some of them. After a number of years, I had quite a collection and many of my students began asking me about these "additional symbols" and wanting to know if they should use them. In the winter of 1993, I gathered together a number of my best students many of whom were spiritually sensitive, to experiment with the additional symbols, try them out and decide which were the most useful. We asked for guidance and through this process came up with a set of symbols that seemed to have the best energy. We also experimented with an attunement process to go with them. Later I was guided in the further development of the attunement process and this eventually evolved into a new system of Reiki. Throughout the process, I prayed for help from the Higher Power and asked that I be connected to a healing energy that would be of greater benefit. I did not channel any of these symbols myself. They came from other Reiki masters. One of these masters was Marcy Miller (friend of Kathleen Milner who was with Kathleen when she was visited by the higher being as mentioned in Kathleen’s book "Reiki & Other Rays of Touch Healing"). In 1995, I was guided to more clearly define the system and to name it Karuna Reiki which can be defined as the Reiki of Compassion. While some of the symbols in Karuna Reiki are the same as those used by other schools and systems, because the attunements are different and the intention is different, the energies that are connected to Karuna Reiki are unique to the system."

DEGREES: 2 levels: Both levels are taught only to Reiki Masters in one, 3 day class by the Centre. 2 attunements, one for each level, 9 symbols (non-Usui), plus 1 traditional and 2 Tibetan symbols (names, meanings, usage) are given, Violet Breath, chanting, and meditation are included. It can also be taught as a practitioner training for those who do not want to teach.

The International Center for Reiki Training website: http://www.reiki.org William Rand, Reiki Master 

Karuna Ki
LINEAGE: Vinny Amador
ORIGINS: Karuna Ki is a Reiki-like energy system for healing, founded by Vinny Amador. All Karuna systems can trace their roots to the early work of Kathleen Milner. It uses some Karuna Reiki symbols and energy and some Tera-Mai symbols and energy. It is available to all those who have been attuned to that level of Reiki energy, including Independent Karuna Reiki Masters. It does not require registration and is not trademarked. (Karuna Ki and Karuna Ki Do is/are in no way affiliated with Karuna Reiki the International Center for Reiki Studies or WIlliam Rand).

The following information from Vinny Amador’s website:http://angelreiki.nu/
What is now referred to as Karuna Reiki was previously known as Sai Baba Reiki. We begin by examining the early foundations of Sai Baba Reiki and continue on with Karuna Ki in our history.

The Early Work of Kathleen Milner
All the Karuna Systems started off their life in the early work of Kathleen Milner. It's initial beginnings were from Usui Reiki. From reading Kathleen's books she reported that she learned Reiki, and began to feel that what she was taught in Reiki and Raku Kai was incomplete. I believe that she later learned Seichim at the whole life Expo in California, most likely from August Star (a student of Phoenix Summerfield). This would appear to have been several months before she began her work on the remodification of Reiki (later to be known as Tera Mai Reiki). From Seichim she would have learned the "seed" symbols of Seichim including the Infinity, the story in the pyramid that Patrick Zeigler experienced, and other elements of the Seichim Reiki (7 facet system). Additionally, it should be noted that one very common experience of learning Seichim/SKHM, is (according to Patrick Zeigler - the founder) seeing sacred geometry or seeing symbols. Indeed T'om Seaman, Dave Lowry, and Phoenix Summerfield all saw many many symbols as they expanded Seichim. The most basic seed symbols of Seichim involve the Infinity symbol, which is a part of both the Zonar and Halu, as is the Pyramid that is part of Halu. My opinion is that the Seichim was a formational part, but that the intent was different and thus it was a unique connection to the source energy. Sai Baba Reiki no longer exists and was transformed by William Rand into Karuna Reiki.

According to Kathleen's books, she felt Reiki was "incomplete" and missing parts of the attunement process as passed by Hawayo Takata. According to Kathleen's writing she began to ask Father/Mother/God for the missing parts. As our story continues to unfold, after asking for this information from god, the Indian Guru Satya Sai Baba appeared to her (in a bi-located form - Sai Baba was purported to do this miracle) and to Marcy Miller (one of Kathleen's Reiki Students). It was reported that Marcy (who has since broken ties with Kathleen) reported that Sai Baba, gave her another symbol and additions to the attunement. Then Sai Baba appeared to Kathleen on the "inner planes", reviewed the attunement process and gave her a name for the symbol. Several months later Kathleen and Marcy were given the other symbols with additional instructions. Kathleen was told to tell people she was working with Sai Baba. When teaching Tera Mai Reiki, she uses the new symbols, the modified attunement process any additional symbols necessary. (Again remember Patrick Zeigler's observation that people can tap into the sacred geometry of the universe and it is common to see symbols. Also it is my observation that people tend to conceptualise this spiritual force in whatever schema that is most comfortable to them. Christians see Jesus and Mary and Angels, New Age believers see ascended masters, Kathleen and Marcy would appear to have been interested in Sai Baba, and coincidentally enough they saw him).

This "New Reiki" system was originally channeled by Kathleen Milner and Marcy Miller in 1991. What needs to be pointed out here is that Kathleen and Marcy did not talk to Sai Baba in person or on the phone but thought they connected with him psychically. So at this point, we have Kathleen and Marcy channelling an afro haired being in orange robes believing it to be Sai Baba. No one contacted him in person or attempted to at this time to my knowledge. Later, when contact was sought out to confirm Sai Baba's involvement, the Sai Baba organisation stated publicly that they knew nothing about Sai Baba Reiki. So it would seem that this is something that has come purely though channelling. The first three symbols (Zonar, Harth, and Halu) were given by "Sai Baba" to Kathleen and/or Marcy. The Attunements were given to Kathleen by "Sai Baba". The Rama symbols was given to Kellie-Ray Marine. Other symbols were added by others.

The Sai Baba Attunements and subsequent Tera Mai Reiki and ancillary techniques of the Water Ceremony, and the Breath of the Fire Dragon seem to be primarily taken from Raku Kai Reiki. It would seem, upon final inspection that Sai Baba Reiki was a hybridized modification of Raku Kai Reiki, along with Seichim and the infinity symbol, traditional Usui Reiki, and the symbols and attunements received by Kathleen and Marcy. Karuna Ki retains the use of the Hui Yin, and the Breath of the Fire Dragon (Violet Breath).

It should be noted that Kathleen Milner now says that the being who gave them the Tera Mai attunements was not Sai Baba but was Buddha.

The Reworking of Sai Baba Reiki into Karuna Reiki.
The Sai Baba Reiki lineage started with Kathleen Milner receiving the new symbols and attunements. From Kathleen it was taught to Elizabeth Amazon, Isabelle Dussault and to Glenn Derrick. Glenn taught William Lee Rand who re-worked the system and developed Karuna Reiki. What I find particularly interesting is that in the Karuna materials I have seen, (and I have by no means seen all the materials out there) is that there is little or no mention of this previous history, Kathleen Milner or her contribution to the development of Karuna Reiki.

From Rand's information, he reports that he, and other Reiki Masters who were initiated into these new symbols (Kathleen's system before she called it Tera Mai Reiki), began experimenting with the symbols. He stated that the masters who had these symbols "saw the value of the system", and began teaching it as Sai Baba Reiki. It was reported that legal difficulties came about from using the Sai Baba name, and so the name Karuna Reiki was taken and used. The name Karuna Reiki is trademarked by William Rand.

We see that it evolved from Kathleen Milner in what appeared to be a hybrid of Usui Reiki, Raku Kei Reiki, and Seichim, along with her and Marcy Miller's channeled symbols. William Rand learned this system from Glenn Derrick as Sai Baba Reiki and developed Karuna Reiki.

It should be noted that in 1994 Kathleen Milner took legal action against William Rand for utilising her symbols and system. Since then Kathleen derived the name Tera-Mai and William derived the name Karuna both names are trademarked for the respective systems.

This version of Karuna Ki shares the symbols and early development with Tera Mai Reiki and Karuna Reiki. Karuna Ki has new attunements and specially developed Karuna Ki Do meditations. This is a new development apart from either Karuna Reiki and Tera Mai Reiki. The symbols used are Gnosa, Kriya, Iava, Shanti, Dumo, Usui Master Symbol, Tibetan Fire Serpant, Om, Raku.
Website: http://angelreiki.nu/

Komyo Reiki
Hyakuten Inamoto's Reiki Energy Lineage:
1) USUI Mikao Sensei (1865-1926)
2) HAYASHI Chujiro Sensei (1879-1940)
3) Mrs YAMAGUCHI Chiyoko (1921-2003)
4) INAMOTO Hyakuten (1940 - )

Reverend Hyakuten Inamoto is a traditional Japanese Reiki Master and founder of  Komyo Reiki who lives in Kyoto, Japan, he is also a Buddhist Monk independent and nonsectarian. Komyo Reiki has been developed by Hyakuten Inamoto based on traditional Japanese Reiki and Hyakuten was the first Japanese Reiki Master to teach in Australia.  In 2003 Hyakuten  trained a group of  Reiki Masters in Australia in Komyo Reiki up to Shinpiden Teacher level. Hyakuten Sensei's form of Reiki puts emphasis on spiritual personal transformation or Satori (enlightenment) through Reiki practice. The most recent research into Mikao Usui's original teachings show that his focus was on developing the student's spiritual practise.  Any healing that took place was a side effect to this spiritual development.  This is the concept at the heart of Hyakuten Sensei's teachings. Hyakuten does not approve of Komyo Reiki being taught via distance.

Hyakuten Sensei studied Reiki with Chiyoko Yamaguchi (now deceased)- a Japanese lady, in her late 80's, who studied with Chujiro Hayashi, a student of Reiki's founder - Mikao Usui. Hyakuten is the fourth in line back to Usui Sensei.

Degrees Komyo Reiki - Shoden Reiki I, Chuden Reiki II, Okuden (Reiki 3A) & Shinpiden Reiki Master/Teacher. 

Hyakuten Inamoto's website: http://www.h4.dion.ne.jp/~reiki/english/index.html
For Komyo Reiki Courses in Australia

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