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Ear Candling was an ancient remedy used by the Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and the Hopi Indians of North America and is now widely used in many countries throughout the modern world. Each candle is still carefully made by hand from the traditional recipe. Locally administered heat stimulates the energy points and reflex zones.

The Indians of North America have long understood the problems associated with this build-up in the ears and developed a soft wax tube that they inserted in each ear in turn. A heat vacuum is created, drawing material from the ear up into the candle, where it is then evaporated in the flame. Ear candles are used to cleanse and harmonise the different energy fields of the individual (the aura) in preparation for the state of trance and to drive out negative energies.

Ear candling is a clearing therapy, relaxing and pleasant to receive. The process involves the use of a hollow candle with the narrow end held gently onto the edge of the ear. The flame creates a relative vacuum in the ear which may help in drawing out toxins.

Ear Candling is non-invasive and gentle and is recommended for both children and adults.

Note: In case of ear infection or suspected ear infection it is recommended that medical advice be sought. Once infection has been medically treated and is clear than ear candling can be performed.

The candles are made from Bees wax and cotton and they are locally handmade here on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. One pack includes two ear candles. During treatment you must candle both ears.  Ear Candling instructions are issued with each order. Burning time is approx 20 mins per candle. The Length of each candle is 23cm or 9 1/4 inches.

Cost per 1 to 9 individual packs is $8.90AUD (add postage below)
Cost 10 to 49 individual packs is $7.90AUD  (add postage below)
Cost 50 to 99 individual packs is $6.90AUD (add postage below)
Cost 100+ individual packs is $6.00AUD (add postage below)

Post & Pack - 1 - 14 packs Post $10.50 AUD
Post & Pack - 15 - 49 packs Post $13.50 AUD
Post & Pack - 50 - 100 packs Post $18.50 AUD upwards via weight.

Postage overseas is anywhere between $9.00 AUD for 1 pack up to $50 Aust Economy Air for 100 packs.  The more weight the higher the postage.

In Australia: I accept payment by Mastercard,Visa, Paypal, Australia Post Money Order, Paymate, Business/Personal/Bank cheque made out to Atlantis Rising and posted to Atlantis Rising, 3 Homestead, Wadalba  NSW 2259. We also accept Direct Credit into our Bank Account (email for these details when you order). Goods dispatched when payment is received. Please email us for more information Atlantis Rising

 If you wish to order ear candles please email Atlantis Rising 

Any information on this webpage is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or prescription. You are advised to seek medical help if you have a medical problem, as we are not medical practitioners. Ear Candling should not be performed if: the eardrum is perforated; the ear is fitted with grommets/eartubes; cysts in the ear; artificial eardrums; recent ear, nose & throat surgery. The user assumes full responsibility when using Ear Candles. Consult a Medical Practitioner for any ear problems.

(Brand: J Olley Earcandles TGA AUST  L 134566.) Some parts of the information on this page has been used with the kind permission of Donald Bates, JP, C. DR. NT C Fellow (AEI) DRM ATMS NFH Reiki-Seichem Teacher, The Centre for Natural Therapies, Mudgee, NSW Australia.

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