Atlantis Rising Distance Reiki-Seichem Training

At Atlantis Rising NSW Australia I am a independent Reiki-Seichem Master and carry out Reiki-Seichem training and the other initiations by appointment on the Central Coast of NSW Australia or I can teach and attune you via distance. There are no prerequisites or preparations for taking the Reiki-Seichem I training and no prior experience in healing modalities is necessary. Because you are learning Reiki-Seichem I and/or II via distance the course may take you from a week up to a month or more as I will work at your pace. I want to ensure that you have the know how and experience to confidently carry out a Reiki treatment on yourself and others. The Reiki-Seichem Master training is more in depth and may take anywhere between one month up to three months or more again working at your pace.

The way I teach Reiki-Seichem via distance is to set up a date and time to suit you and us where you can be in a meditative state for about 20 minutes ready to receive the attunement. A thorough manual is included in each level of training. I can send you the Course manual via email, snail mail or on a CD and I also have a website training area which you would be able to get into immediately via a password. I will keep in contact via email while attunements and training are taking place and are available for backup at any time.

REIKI-SEICHEM I  - This Course will give you the ability to administer Reiki-Seichem to yourself and others by simply putting your hands onto the area of the body in need. Anyone who has ever experienced a Reiki-Seichem therapy session will tell you at the end of the session that they feel "peaceful & totally relaxed". Reiki & Seichem work on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The "channel" as he/she is called, is purely a funnel for the energy to flow. Immediately after the attunement procedures are completed you will be able to start channeling the Reiki-Seichem energies.You will receive instruction and notes on how to carry out a Reiki-Seichem Therapy Session using all hand positions for self and others; metaphysical causations; ethics in Reiki practice, History of Reiki, History of Seichem, healing in the aura, scanning, chakra balancing, cleansing, protection and meditation techniques. Seichem works to repair the aura as well as the physical body and helps to move through blockages. There are two attunements and during the attunement process energy centres in the body are gently opened after which the Reiki-Seichem energy can then flow in a spontaneous way through your hands to yourself and others. A manual on all topics covered is included. A certificate is issued at the completion of training. Cost $250.00AUD Email Atlantis Rising

REIKI-SEICHEM II (Prerequisite Reiki-Seichem I) This is an experiential course which will introduce you to the power and use of symbols in healing. Reiki-Seichem II increases your energy flow and gives you the ability to channel absent/distant healing to a person, animal or situation either down the road or across the world. Gives you the tools to help with emotional/mental healing. You will receive instruction and manual covering the three Usui symbols and their use plus 5 Seichem symbols and four other healing symbols passed down to us by our Reiki-Seichem Master; how to give a complete Reiki-Seichem II treatment both in person and distant healing procedures; different methods of sending distant healing; breathing techniques for chakra balancing; the microcosmic orbit breathing technique for strengthening your auric fields and Hosanna Clearing Technique. A certificate is issued at the completion of training. Cost $250.00AUDEmail Atlantis Rising

REIKI-SEICHEM MASTER/TEACHER TRAININGThis attunement and course will further enhance the energy you are channeling and will give you the ability to pass the Reiki-Seichem energies onto others.  The training is quite intensive.  In Reiki-Seichem Master training you will receive instructions on the use of symbols and how to perform attunement procedures through from Reiki-Seichem I & II up to Reiki-Seichem Master level and how to teach and attune others. We teach powerful breathing, contractions and colour sequence techniques which are used to facilitate the attunements. You will also receive the Order of Melchizadek Initiation, the Violet Flame Attunement, Yod Initiation, Third Eye Attunement and Shakti Pac Initiation and learn how to pass these onto others. A certificate will be issued on the completion of all training. Cost $2000.00 AUD Email Atlantis Rising


For those who wish to incorporate the Reiki-Seichem Master energies into their spiritual, healing and psychic development and work but do not wish to teach, this an ideal way. You will receive the Reiki-Seichem Master attunement and instruction, notes and illlustration of the Reiki Master Symbol and the Seichem Master Symbol. You will receive a certificate which states that you have received the Reiki-Seichem Master energies only - similar to Reiki Master 3A. Cost $600.00AUD Email Atlantis Rising

Please note that Hyakuten Inomoto does not endorse Komyo Reiki being taught via distance and so to honour his request and in respect for our teacher, Atlantis Rising does not teach Komyo Reiki via distance.  The same applies to Gendai Reiki Ho in accordance with Hiroshi Doe's wishes.

Within Australia:

I also accept Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Money Order and personal/bank/business cheque made out to Atlantis Rising or direct credit into our bank account.  All payments to do with distance training would be in advance of training and sent to Atlantis Rising, 3 Homested Rd, Wadalba NSW 2259. Ring on 0418437879



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