Cartouche Cards and their Indications.

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Information & Cards taken from the Book The Way of Cartouche by Murry Hope - some of the meanings have been added onto by those at Atlantis Rising.

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No 1 Osiris Egyptian Cartouche Card - Osiris

Father Figure - A Tree Stability, Wisdom, Honesty, Justice, Respect for those older and wiser, Philosophical matters, Responsibility, A Father Figure. 

Spiritual strength in times of need.
Rely upon your own judgement.
A time for laying foundations and putting roots down. 
A degree of security and a stability.

Success through practical efforts and self-discipline.
Take responsibility for your spiritual growth and the direction your life takes.
Take responsibility for your decisions.
May be a need to become more grounded.
A time of Action. 


No 2 Isis Egyptian Cartouche Card - Isis

Patron of Mothers
Compassion, Esoteric Arts, Perseverance, Maternal Love, Nurturing.

Help from the other side is at hand.
The issue in question should be persevered with and nurtured, and not pushed forward too quickly.
Trust your intuition for something may be hidden from view at this point.
Psychic and spiritual development.
A period of going within to plant seeds for the next stage of your life.
A time of retreat to absorb lessons learnt on a physical level.
People involved in the welfare of others ie the caring professions.
A time for taking time out for self care ie getting close to nature, walking in a park or along a beach. 



No 3 Horus Egyptian Cartouche Card - Horus

Patron of Families & Homes
Courage, Creativity, Balance, The Arts, Beauty, Family,

Strong healing energies for conditions affecting the physical body.
Family situations, family loyalty, reliability and devotion.
A good omen for those who feel they have been unfairly treated.
Personal charm and charisma.
Nurture creative talents be they musical, dancing, painting etc.



No 4 Bast Egyptian Cartouche Card - Bast

Patroness of Cats
Happiness, Intuition, Protection, Success, Devotion, Mental Healing, Generosity, Caution.

Mental worries will soon pass and be replaced with happiness thus bringing with it good health.
Also stands for devotion, generosity and the arts (acting, painting, dancing or singing).
Walk with care and caution in whatever area of life is under consideration and you will succeed.
Follow your intuition.
Psychic protection.
Liking for warmth, attention and affection.
Give out as you wish to receive.
Fidelity to the family unit.
Happiness, inner peace and a need to express yourself.



No 5 Thoth Egyptian Cartouche Card - Thoth

Patron of Healers
Healing, Education, Fate, Karma, The Law, Education.

Healing of the spirit.
Interest in alternative therapies, herbal/homoeopathic remedies or natural healing gifts.
Knowing the appropriate response or action for each situation as it arises.
Matters of Law, writing ability and the spoken word.
Skills in formal medicine.
Creativity and faith in life's possibilities.
Renewed hope, inner peace.
Actions and feelings bringing a sense of inner peace.
Love of Learning.



No 6 Hathor Egyptian Cartouche Card - Hathor

Patroness of Women
Patience, Courage, Nurturing, Astrology, Self-Assurance, Organisation.

Strong-minded, organisers of groups and causes, career women and the woman who appears in the role of the supportive partner.
Well organised, well groomed.
Positive outlook.
A born organiser.
Likes the good things in life ie fine food, quality clothes and furniture etc.

Harmony and stability on the home front.
Love of children. 




No 7 Nephthys Egyptian Cartouche Card - Nephthys

The Hidden One
A Seeker of the Truth, Spriitual Growth, Psychic Talents, Peace, Esoteric Arts, Keeping ones own counsel, Receptiveness, An Opening of the Heart.
Could represent a person of the Light with deep spiritual beliefs and strong psychic talents or somebody leaning in that direction.
All things hidden yet to be revealed.
Wait and see because you are not to know yet. The information is hidden because if it were given it could sway your reasoning and affect your karma.



No 8 Ptah Egyptian Cartouche Card - Ptah

Patron of Men
Masculinity, Craftsmanship, Inventiveness

You have the tools.
Hard work and progress.
The craftsman or tradesman skilful with his hands.
Now is the time to start new projects.
It is a positive time to initiate action and execute plans.
A clear sense of purpose and an application of willpower can result in success.
A person who contributes to the community in general as well as to himself and his family.
A good time for home renovations.



No 9 Anubis Egyptian Cartouche Card - Anubis

The Guardian & Protector
Protection, Diplomacy, Humour, Guidance.

Provides guidance through difficulties.
Careful speech.
Able to steer a straight course through life's troubled waters.
Impending journey is indicated.
Act now without concern for the risks.
Living in the moment and feeling connected with life as a result.
Could represent loyalty of those in your environment.
 Protection during travel.
Love of animals especially dogs.


No 10 Set Egyptian Cartouche Card - Set

Opposition, Obstacles, Problems & Delays at all levels.

Subconsciously we are the cause of our own problems and restrictions and should not put the blame on others.
Look within yourself for the answers.
Set represents all forms of opposition, delays, hindrances and unforeseen problems.
Can indicate one's personal opposition to an idea, to change or to a proposed project.
Irritating upsets.




No 11 Fire Cartouche Card - Fire

Energy, Creativity, Loyalty.

Spiritually suggests creative gifts that can be used to bring Light.
Personal energy and mental creativity.
Burn up the old for the new.
Purifying and refining.
Depending on the question and where the Fire card falls it could be interpreted that the person receiving the reading or someone close to them is a Fire Sign. If it were to fall in the future someone who is an Fire Sign maybe coming into or have an influence on the person receiving the reading. Fire Signs are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.



No12 Air

Intelligence, Communication, Work & Business, Travel, Teaching.

Communication at all levels.
Air always moves things on blowing away the cobwebs in the process.
A good memory for facts and figures.
Friendly and communicative but at the same time aloof.
Dislike of being tied down.
Speed of thought and action.
News arriving about your question.
Travel by air is indicated.

Depending on the question and where the Air card falls it could be interpreted that the person receiving the reading or someone close to them is an Air Sign. If it were to fall in the future someone who is an Air Sign maybe coming into or have an influence on the person receiving the reading. Air Signs are Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. 

No 13 Water

Change, Emotions, Flowing.

Emotional change.
Awareness of the sufferings of others.
Changeful situation - not fixed.
A time of cleansing.
Go with the flow. 
Travel across water could be suggested.
A love of history.
Love & respect of ancient times.
Growth from the lessons learnt. 
Depending on the question and where the Water card falls it could be interpreted that the person receiving the reading or someone close to them is a Water Sign. If it were to fall in the future someone who is a Water Sign maybe coming into or have an influence on the person receiving the reading. Water Signs are Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio.


No 14 Earth

Money, Possessions, Work & Business Interests, Growth and Fertility. 
The person who can handle money, take care of property and puts something back into the earth.
Industrious and hardworking
The person who has learnt that money and possessions are no more than energies manifest at a level necessary for the negotiation of life.
Someone who has a green thumb
A person who cares about the Earth and our environment.
It could be that the person having the reading needs to come down to Earth and ground themselves.
May enjoy working with crystals and gems. 
Depending on the question and where the Earth card falls it could be interpreted that the person receiving the reading or someone close to them is an Earth Sign. If it were to fall in the future someone who is an Earth Sign maybe coming into or have an influence on the person receiving the reading. Earth Signs are Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

No 15 Sirius Egyptian Cartouche Card - Sirius

Hope, Pioneering, Adventure, Physical Strength.

Reach for the stars.
Endurance and physical energy.
Creativity and faith in life's possibilities.
A time for expansion.
Beliefs outside the square, that there are many possibilities.
Stamina and determination.
A child of the stars.

No 16 Lotus Egyptian Cartouche Card - Lotus

Peace, Meditation, Tranquillity, Unconditional Love, Beauty of Nature.

Peace of mind at all levels.
A time to go within to meditate or to be still.
A definite release from life's tensions.
Don't worry all will work out peacefully and satisfactorily in the end.
A time for reflection.
Represents an opening of the heart. 




No 17 Crook & Flail Egyptian Cartouche Card - Crook & Flail

Disciplined mind, Authority, Mastery of the ego, Worldly Status.

Represents authority of all kinds.
Be careful not to tread on the toes of people in a more senior position.
Success through self-discipline & practical efforts.
Mastering of the ego.
A strong business or worldly success.

Success through patience and persistence.
A step up in the world.
Could represent travel.



No 18 Uraeus Egyptian Cartouche Card - Uraeus

Integrity, Wisdom, Soundness of judgement, Intuition, Strong Dreams, Mysticism.

The careful and wise handling of a situation.
Cautiously wait until the time is right to strike.
Face your fears because they may be stopping you from achieving what you want.
Powerful dreams are trying to tell you something, listen to them and you could find the answer you seek
Look beyond the surface to find out what is actually going on in a situation.
Like the wise snake you will outwit people who do not have your best interests at heart.
Ancient wisdom.



No 19 Winged Disc Egyptian Cartouche Card - Winged Disk

Spiritual Guidance, Inspiration, Success.

Wise guidance on a spiritual level.
A strong spiritual connection.
Ability to rise above problems or difficulties.

A feeling of freedom.
Freeflowing energies for pursuing a worthwhile goal. 


No 20 The Twins Egyptian Cartouche Card - twins

Partnership, Integration, Marriage.

Integration of the masculine and the feminine.
A card for decisions usually about a relationship.
An important relationship in your life.
A loving partner who gives practical and emotional support.
Indication of marriage.
The opportunity in a relationship to grow and develop.
Partnership could be work or business related.
A meeting of like minds.
Could represent a Gemini.


No 21 Sphinx Egyptian Cartouche Card - Sphinx

Strength, Patience, Secrecy, Observation.

Keep your own counsel about whatever is being referred to.
Sit back, observe be patient, say nothing and wait.
Could also represent lessons learned through observation rather than participation.
Sphinx shows the ability to keep a secret or to find one out.
You have the ability to face life, difficult circumstances or change with hope, inner strength and courage.
Having the inner strength to face your inner fears and desires instead of subjecting them to your will.
Love of animals particularly cats.
Could represent a Leo. 



No 22 Scarab Egyptian Cartouche Card - Scarab

Rebirth, Renewal, Adaptability, Acceptance, Change, Death of a situation.

A spiritual rebirth.
A new beginning or new phase in life.
The ability to adapt to a new situation
"Move things around" - clean our your wardrobe, try a new hair style etc.
All things must pass.
Death puts an end to the old to make way for the new.
Have faith that life will bring something better than it takes from you.
Do not struggle against this change, instead try to accept it.
Cast off the old for the new.
Release the past with love and let it go.


No 23 Pyramid Egyptian Cartouche Card - Pyramid

Preservation, Initiation, Eternity.

An initiation or test condition.
On a spiritual level the initiation is likely to be of the self imposed kind which means that no-one else can help. You have the knowhow to come out on top.
Time will sort the whole thing out.
You are being tested. Hold tight and you will make it in the end.
Good news eventually.
It is only a temporary situation and you may benefit if you use the time wisely.
Go with the flow and you may be pleasantly surprised.
Ancient knowledge. 




No 24 Ankh Egyptian Cartouche Card - Ankh

Emotional Love, Fulfilment, Understanding, Balance, The Breath of Life, Protection.

Ankh represents Love depending on which area of life is in question it could represent a good marriage, a love affair, love of money or material possessions, love of friendships, love of writing or communication, love of law, order and discipline and so on.
A general love of life.
You are open to receive new opportunities, it may be a new relationship or a new stage of an existing relationship.
A time when you feel emotionally fulfilled.
It can suggest that someone in a relationship with you is helping you to connect with your spiritual purpose.




No 25 Buckle of Isis Egyptian Cartouche Card - Buckle of Isis

Fertility, Loyalty, Growth with a sacrifice.

Represents Loyalty to family & friends.
Represents prosperity in investments, the family, farming or anything you care to name, however, there is a price to pay at some point in the proceedings.
ie People who give up valuable careers to care for family or nurse or care for another person.
Can also indicate a new addition to the family, promotion at work which may entail overtime or more stress.



Note: as with all card readings there is always spiritual (Fire), mental (Air), emotional (Water) and physical (Earth) levels within the meaning of the the cards and the area in which they fall.

Any information on this webpage is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or prescription. You are advised to seek medical help if you have a medical problem, as we are not medical practitioners.

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