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What are Angels?

Angels are messengers. They are messengers from spirit allowing us a greater understanding and connection to Spirit. The word angel comes from angelos which is the Greek word for messenger. Not only are angels messengers, they are also part of our consciousness, representing realms beyond thought and idea. The human mind needs form, so the Light of Spirit takes on the physical form of an angel, to encourage direct communion with God. We create a dimensional blending that enables them to appear in a form that is acceptable to us.

Though the form of angels changes from culture to culture, almost every culture throughout the world has reports of angels. There are angels in Christian, Judaic and Islamic lore. Angels were reported in ancient Assyrian and Mesopotamian, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Taoism. Ancient Greeks called them horae, Vikings called them valkyries, in Persia they were fereshta, to the Hindus they were apsaras and in the African religion of the Yoruba, angels were called orisha. Traditionally in Shamanism (which is the primordial spiritual path of all indigenous people) there are reports of ascending birdlike spirits. These half-bird/half-human spirits are called the bird people or the bird tribes.

Throughout history angels have inspired poets, artists, writers, prophets and religious leaders as well as everyday men and women. Angels are associated with higher nature, joy, beauty, fulfilment, laughter and peace. Angels are here to heal us, to redeem lost faith, broken trust and innocence. They help us lay down the burden of fear, guilt, uncertainty and pain. They help replace feelings of unworthiness with joy as they help us gently enter the world of love.

Angels are different from guides in that they have not lived an Earth time existence; angels are of the stars and heavens, guides are of the Earth. They are divine beings who have not experienced the Earth plane in a human body. They do not have karma or evolutionary issues to work out from having lived on Earth. Angels are celestial beings of a higher vibrational level than guides.

From nature angels and angelic messengers, to your own personal guardian angel, there are many different kinds of angels and each serve a specific function in your life. A nature angel is guardian or protector of a particular area on Earth such as a mountain. Archangels such as Michael with his sword of truth, serve as guardians for the entire planet. Messenger angels are angels that sometimes take on human form for short periods to give you a message, offer help in times of danger or teach you an important lesson. A guardian angel is your personal protector that is looking over you always. Your guardian is a very special kind of angel that is with you from the moment you are born to help you move towards the light.

Angels appear in different forms. Though it seems to be a rare occurrence, the form that most people associate with angels is the traditional church angels with wings. More common however, are angels appearing in human form. These angels appear when needed and then sometimes mysteriously disappear. They take a form which is comforting and pleasing to the individual to whom they appear. They appear as both male and female, young and old, all different races, well dressed and shabbily dressed - no matter what form - they offer guidance and help in a non-intrusive way.

How can you recognise an angel?Though the numbers of occurrences of angelic visitations is growing rapidly, most angels aren’t seen but are felt. There are different ways to tell if you are in the presence of an angel. Often the pure scent of flowers accompanies their presence. Sometimes an angel will announce its presence with a slight breeze even if all the windows are closed. The breeze is the flutter of angel wings. Sometimes you’ll hear the faint sound of bells or chimes or trumpets. I believe that the reason for the sound is that when angels break from their dimension into ours there is an accompanying sound. Sometimes an angelic presence is seen as a flash of light but the most common way to tell if you are in the presence of angels is by the warm wave of love that washes over you. If you feel an angel is standing behind you, it most likely is.

How can you ‘call’ angels into your life?To call angels into your life, simply ask! Angels respond to prayers and thoughts of love. They are only a whisper away. The more you think about angels, the more you call them into your life. Some people find it helpful to have pictures or statues of angels within their home as this assists them to focus on angels. Where intention goes energy flows. As you put your attention on angels they will begin to appear in your life.

From Archangels to your personal guardian angels, right now angels are bridging our physical reality with their pure spiritual energy. The time is right. For within our planetary collective consciousness, we have put out the ‘call’ and the angels have answered in droves. Like a leaf falling softly on the still pool of our consciousness we will recognise their presence. As you trust and open your heart to them, they will pour out their blessings on you. Angels are real! They are a doorway to the divine within yourself. Angels have been waiting for us to be ready and now is the time. Angels are beginning to manifest for humanity. Expect a miracle. Expect an angel.

Acknowledgement: ‘Expect an Angel’ is taken from an article written by Denise Linn in Southern Crossings Magazine, Nov/Dec 1995 Issue.

The Bible dictates that "Man was created a little lower than the Angels". In Christianity these divine beings were produced to protect us when we are in spiritual danger and offer guidance when we are lost. However, to many people these helpful spirits seem to do much more than that as we rest on the brink of the millennium.

There have been countless reports of Angels coming to the rescue when all seems lost. Attackers discouraged when seeing a strange figure walking beside a lone woman. Tired drivers finding their steering taken over by some strange force, and falls cushioned by a helping hand. Every religious text points to the fact that Angels are there to help us no matter what our beliefs or inclinations.

Angels follow a hierarchy similar to that of an army. There are nine choirs each having a particular job. In the eighth choir reside the Archangels, the most familiar of these being Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel. Michael is the leader of the Archangels and, according to the book of Enoch, was the Angel who defeated Lucifer (the fallen one) and his minions and forced them down to Hell. He is the patron of the sick and ruler of the element of fire. Michael is the one who fights on behalf of newly dead souls against the demonic hordes.

Raphael is a healer and is attached to knowledge gained through experience. He is linked to the element air. Uriel is the caretaker of the earth and is said to preside over the power of human thinking. He is connected to the element of earth. Gabriel is the heavenly messenger who appears in order to reveal God's will and rules the element of water. These are not the only angels who take care of us, we are also assigned a Guardian Angel who stays with us throughout all our incarnations.

There are lots of books on the market these days showing you how to contact your Guardian Angel. Anything from salt rituals to strong meditative states. Unfortunately most of these add up to an expensive con for those desperate to finally find their Angel, for whatever reason. As a Parapsychologist and long-time researcher into the occult, I have found certain invocations that have been around for centuries which are used for the express purpose of making contact with your spiritual being.

You don't have to psychically see or speak with your guide to reap the benefits gained by knowing that you have one - just trusting in their powers and intentions can help a great deal in this hectic modern world. Modern spiritualists have worked for long hours trying to discover the many services that these angelic guides can offer. The most common are as master teachers, overseeing our spiritual development; spiritual doctors helping our physical bodies; protectors that come to you when you require great strength and energy; message bearers, used by mediums and psychics as sources of information, and gate keepers who keep our negative aspects from other realms.

Just by accepting the existence of this being you could soon find that problems in your life that have so far dogged you could be diluted or even vanish altogether. Trust that your Guardian Angel has your best interests at heart, and you will never be alone but always have someone.

From an article called Angels by RV Peacock in the Health & Harmony Magazine put out by The British School of Yoga, Stanhope Square Holsworthy, Devon EX22 6DF Phone 01409 271432 Australian Branch of The British School of Yoga, Suite 3 'Nile Palms' 16-36 Nile Street, Woolloongabba Queensland 4102 Ph+61 7 3392 2077

Angels want to be our friends. They are companions on the journey of life on this planet, ancient fellow travellers, whose love and light and wisdom can enrich our lives immeasurably. They want to share with us and help us grow toward the unique spiritual destiny that is ours. Their guidance and support is wonderful, something to rejoice in and to give thanks for.

And the thanks go - primarily, and in the first place - to the Source from whom both we and the angels come. The angels themselves are not that Source. They are not divine, although they, like ourselves, are immortals. If their faces shine with unearthly light, it is because they are filled with the one Light. Nothing in them darkens that light; they are magnifying glasses that catch a fraction of the glory and concentrate it for us so we can see it, even as they do.

Angels, are our friends, not our tools. We cannot use them as we do a can opener, to get at the stuff inside. They know all of our little tricks and avoid such attempts easily and consistently. Nor are angels our personal servants, to whom we can give orders. They serve God, who is Love, and the only agenda they know is the divine plan.

Remember that angels are always with us, but that they only manifest themselves to us when God wills. We can't force it, nor should we try. The more we live our lives for God, in love and joy, in light and peace, and in service to others, the closer our angels will be to us and the more we will sense their presence and loving help to enable us to heal our lives.

(Excerpts from the book Angelic Healing - Working with Your Angels to Heal Your Life - by Eileen Elias Freeman)

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